I can’t help but find humans funny and ridiculous.

You often hear of people talking of how they are the woven fabric of time and circumstance that they are created over time by the world around them.

However are they not constrained and destroyed by that process? The real they the pure them their true being is submerged and suffocated by the process of other people and society. Who they truly are exists in the cracks that society and others and time have yet to destroy yet to imprint with themselves. Yet to corrupt with the material, the past, the future. All there to distract you from the present. Distract you from you.

It is amazing how we this immaterial nothing that exists somewhere in the several pounds of mystery meat that we call a brain bobbing about in this flabby bag of flesh and organs is so obsessed with everything else. While we need to maintain some level of health to explore ourselves we seem entirely fixated on this not us. This other. And we are interested in other peoples others as they too have lost themselves to this fleshy madness.

How is it that when given new and exciting landscapes the first thing we seem to do is recreate this material hell? How have we taken a plane of pure immaterial wonder and turned it into a shopping mall, an extension of our physical world and then permeated it back into the physical world? How has the internet a concept where we could be nothing but out real selves become a manifestation of everything terrible about this material plane? The internet has become a horrifying materialist monstrosity used to push ideas of the physical bag of flesh and society and materialism.

It seems we humans will do anything and use anything to annihilate the real us and replace it with the image of us from the mirror.

How funny, how ridiculous we are.