Sadness and Joy

(quick edit)

So, in mid December I was due to fly to Japan for my holiday, at the same time a close friend of mine who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer was placed in a hospice and shortly after passed away. Personally it had quite the impact though I’m by no means the most affected and I’m some what accustomed to this kind of thing. It seemed particularly unfair though as he hadn’t done a number of things he really wanted to do such as visit Japan and see the idol groups he enjoyed or experience the barmyness of maid cafe’s in their natural habitat. So that was more or less the setting for my visit, a certain level of melancholy at loss and obvious excitement of visiting the city I enjoy the most. Also knowing I was going to miss my friends funeral was eating at me.

So Japan, all my plans more or less went down the toilet rather quickly, not that I minded I didn’t really have any plans anyway. The hotel was fine, though it was too hot and sleeping was a pain in the arse, I can’t really remember what I did that first day, did I just go straight to Akihabara and hit the maid cafes? Probably. But I can’t quite recall.

Anyway first couple of days I hit up random maid bars and revisited LittlePSX, I like LittlePSX but I think it’s a better place to visit with friends, the maids are often busy with regulars or playing darts. I also visited an odd samurai style cafe, a Chinese vampire bar where I met a nice French guy that worked as a graphics designer, a place called O Cha Cha Cha which was wonderfully fun and their uniforms were lovely, a conversational maid bar where the adorable maid used all her powers to muster her English teaching – she did very well! Now a number of these places all operate together and I’d found them because there was a nice alcove where you could smoke in one of the buildings in the main stretch of backstreets (you can find it by heading up the main street and crossing the main road at the crossing in the middle, then going right into the back streets, it’ll be on the left in the second block) now this place ended up becoming my “home away from home” but not immediatly.



The cutest vampire

Things kind of fell into place on the second or third day of meandering (cleaners came to do the room around eleven so I’d normally escape by then and watch all the people setting up the stores in Akihabara, funny stuff to watch to be honest.) So I get nabbed going into Pinky Cafe by one of the maids stood outside waiting for customers, they have an English menu and everything – though it doesn’t have a number of important things on it like the live request info. Anyway nice place, the maid Minami was cute and all was good, I can’t remember if it was Chi or Pinori who was there as well but whatever. I’d been looking for this place called Yaenmeikyo and this time around didn’t notice but it was on the next floor down – doh, it wasn’t until I ran into a bunch of Yanks at the Rose and Crown (this place became a fall back location – a: I could get a internet connection to softbank and b: I could get a pint + c: it was cheap.) I’m a simple date really.

Anyway back to the yanks. So we got to chatting and they weren’t complete dicks, let’s face it that’s the most we can ask for in other human beings, so they wanted to go to a maid cafe and so I took them to pinky cafe, there was singing and it was a birthday and the maids were adorable – this may have been the first day Chii was in… probably was. Anyway they go and I spot Yaen – I seem to think I went there quite late but it was probably around 7 but maybe that was another day… anyway I find Yaen this may have been the day before but who cares it was a month ago. I go in they explain the system (sit at the counter, costs blah amount per hour get at least one drink an hour… Cool, that’s the kind of system I’m down with and fucking hell I’m British and you only sell half pints for the price of a small moon orbiting a gas giant.) Now I sit at the counter, people are talkative and the atmosphere is both divey and lively, these are things I look for in an establishment, the wheels were in motion for my wallet to get sucked dry. Now  then, after the first couple of people clear too chaps come and sit with me, Jun and Taka, these guys were fucking awesome and cermented the fact that I’d probably be here a lot. The err Vampires in on the first day were Noa kun, Nat kun and Chaki chan. Noa-kun gives of this all in charge boss type character. Chaki is an adorable odd ball who loves sponge bob square pants and having a whistle that sounds like a steam engine is perfectly suitable. Nat Kun is a boyish character that drinks beer and is genuinely amusing (Nat chan is quite adorable.) I should mention that Yaen was a new thing for me, while LittlePSX was all about darts and drinking so I was used to the late night alcholism it was still that kind of classic idea of a maid kisa. Yaen however you can buy drinks for the Vampires/maids, interesting. Also a heavy push on selling bottles of sparkling white and Dom Peri, again interesting, I didn’t quite feel the need to go that far at that very moment but it seemed something relevant to remember. Anyway the first night passed on without incident. The second night not so much, but by gones be by gones (no I didn’t get ridiculously drunk and throw up on one of the girls.) This may have been the first day I encountered both Ren and Chika, Ren being completely wasted and kicking down toilet doors. Chika generally trying to keep her under control. This place amused me a lot.

The following days ended up with me completly falling for the adorable Chika-chan, she’d get mad if she ever translated this as she’s quite bashful/shy but translation is unlikely, she is adorably cute, ideal hight, build, hair, eyes, nose, ears and smile. Plus she’s kind, patient, emotive and smart. Ah I forgot, she also has a wonderful voice, and it was a joy listening to her singing away to anisong and she was remarkable when she did Heavy Rotation at the countdown. Gah. Nothing sillier then getting a crush on a maid. The days roll on and I have a lot of pictures of Chika-chan, I met some more vampires (Yui chan, Sakarako, think I also met Ame san in this time until Christmas.) On the 24th I had readied my wallet to purchase a Don Peri for Chika she insisted we wait till midnight for her birthday – which of course I did. At this point I was smitten, such is life. Anyway I’d met lots more people by then Zacky, Shu, Jack, Tama, the crazy guy that ripped his brother t-shirt, and all sorts of other people.

The following days more or less followed the same process, get up, go to Akihabara, hit maid bars, then go to Yaen around when Chika was starting, I did go late one Sunday as I’d went to see Alice Project (an awesome experience I would strongly recommend anyone doing), and she was pretty annoyed lol (we have to remember much of this is probably character but it’s charming none the less)  I also met Pyonko who was quite adorable and very demanding as a character. Also met one of the people from Makoto up stairs, she was crazy and came down to Yaen to relax post work. Good fun, can’t remember her name though  – I’m awful with English names come on I only have limited memory space.

On the 25th I went for Christmas dinner in Roppongi at the Pink Cow, it was a nice meal, but fucking hell I hate Roppongi. Seems there are some interesting people that go to certain meet ups that would be useful contact material for networking, but really – I hate Roppongi. I also wanted to get a countdown ticket at Yaen – really fucking bad, and it was still Chika’s birthday celebration so I bailed on the dinner at the earliest moment possible and rushed over to Akihabara – batteries rapidly replenished. I picked up my Countdown ticket and bought lots more drinks lol.

On the day of the Countdown I ventured else where to buy a present for Chika, a pretty necklace, I thought it suited her. Anyway, gave it to her that evening and she seemed pretty happy with it. We ended up drinking all the cafe pari, so I was left with an excess of change, which I promptly spent on 22 chekis of Chika lol. Jun and Taka went to the convini and returned with a present for me, a folder to keep my chekis in lol. Also they took me to Sushi and the shrine after we’d left – saddly we missed the vampires lol. That probably had something to do with looking for Zacky who’d passed out in a restaurant.

At some point before that I met Melon-tan who had recently returned from Europe and spoke good English, she had this misconception that I was flash with cash – not the case not the case at all T_T not a rich man…

I’ll just fast forward to the supposed last day (as you can imagine all the intervening days were drinking with Chika and killing time at other maid venues and seeing Alice Project), we had a leaving party at Yaen, took group photos, there was an hour or so where I just got to drink with Chika before everyone else arrived. I handed out farewell letters for the Yaen cast, Chika and the people that had made me feel at home. It was a pretty wild night, and I think it set me back 100,000 yen. lol.

Then it was home time, and I missed my plane and my visit was extended a couple of days lol. It was like a long hangover lol. Chika wasn’t working so I couldn’t really get into the vibe and the bank had put a temporary hold on my debit card and nowhere in Japan takes western credit, well my credit anyway.

So that was that, I came home with a burning desire to study Japanese, a much longer twitter follower list, and a nagging fear that Chika will graduate before I get back to Japan lol.

Oh well. Onwards to adventure!

Lots of other bits and pieces happend, I met an interesting guy who runs a company out there, there was Malfroi and his crazy drinking and sushi visit. All sorts


A quick review of maid locales

LittlePSX – still a great place to kill time, the prices when compared to later entries are low and you can play the odd game of darts. Though the uniform is a bit frumpy lol.

Maid Cuteness – 3/5

Uniform – 2/5

Drinks – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Overall – 3/5

Mononopu – Pricey set menus, cute maids, I went there when it was proper cold.

Maid Cuteness – 4/5

Uniform – 3/5

Drinks – ? dunno was on a set menu

Food – 3/5 normal stuff

Overall – 3/5

O Cha Cha Cha – Again cute maids, talkative, part of the same group as Makoto, Yaen, Nyaro and, Pinky.

Maid Cuteness – 4/5

Uniform – 4/5

Drinks – 3/5

Food – 4/5 – good maid food, entertaining bentos.

Overall – 4/5

Makoto – A samurai place where all the Girls are dressed as guys. Loud and good fun but not my scene. Open till 5 most nights. Props to Sensei!

Samurai Cuteness – Hard to gauge – a good place for girls to go I think.

Uniform – 3/5

Drinks – 4/5 (I think you get good sized beers)

Food – 4/5 – good maid food, entertaining bentos.

Overall – 3/5 (unless the boy girl boy thing is your thing then likely 4/5)

Pinky – A live themed bar, the maids are adorable, if you go say hi to Ren and Pyonko for me lol.

Maid cuteness – 5/5

Uniform – 4/5

Drinks – 4/5 (I’ll let you in on a secret, the bottles are cheaper here then else where in the building.)

Food – 3/5 Nice maid fair.)

Overall – 5/5

Yaenmeikyu – A wonderful place, open till 5 most nights, home to the cutest vampire lol.

Vampire cuteness – 5/5

Uniform – 5/5

Drinks – 3/5 (expensive – best like tequila and champaign)

Food – 4/5 (The maids cook the food on a little stove, it’s terrifying late at night, you can also get udon from Makoto)

Overall – 5/5

RPGMaker VX Ace

So, like a number of people I’ve picked up RPGMaker VX Ace on steam, it’s only right given I’ve pirated it a half dozen times in the past. Anyway, I need to keep track of useful things so this is where they’ll be for now.

So Resources

One thing I’ve noticed – anything from Granny is probably worth a look.




Software – face set maker

General (scifi stuff) (modern – japan ) (modern & scifi )


Tilesets (modern and futuristic from Grandma)  (futuristic tiles in here)


Star Trek,

So after an aborted attempt to start a Star Trek RPG set in the post reboot world I rebooted the reboot campaign, but it has become somewhat obvious that our glorious leader isn't cut out to command the USS Illyad and we'll be hunting for a new captain in the next episode. I'm sure we'll find someone suitable, and Captain Butcher will find himself having a fine new position in an office somewhere back on Earth.


Hard Nova,

I have a new lease of life for this campaign planned, having booted what was going on at the end of the last arc, Captain Shepherd and the blob monster have managed to lay the seeds of rebellion in the Westron Combine with the dominant corporation left having to fight a now well trained army and well armed using their Blue Sun allies. The enemy beyond the darkness of space has been slowed but should not be forgotten and the Earth Empress is looking to her agents to destabilize the old Empire as soon as possible.



Another game that I need to reboot, it seems to have managed to get itself stuck beneath a wildfire of new ideas and I'd quite like to get this one running again. The players have many monsters to face and powerful items to recover so it's best that we get it all underway as soon as possible or else it'll get lost again.


Other Games,

Other games that are important at the moments are the Dune campaign that hasn't really gotten going yet and a horror game based around Cthulhu that I'm yet to get to grips with, I have a desire to put together a dark sci-fi game where the players are agents in a secret but official organisation tasked with preventing incursions into real space by other worldly horrors, probably under the auspice of the Royal Society for Occult Studies. However at the same time I'm still drawn to the classic style of a bunch of hapless individuals sucked into the alternate reality.

There is another set of game themes that interest me at the moment but implementation and execution have failed to materialise so they're sitting in a mental draw waiting for an opportunity.


The Problem,

One of the main issues I have at the moment is an awful lot of ideas but not very much in the way of opportunity, I think pehaps I should start looking for a more organized way of doing things, maybe make a calendar and have everyone put down what dates they're free for games?

Another thing I've been thinking of trying is gaming over a voip service, I'm not sure how it would go mind you but it seems to me that it should be functional. That could open up a lot more opportunities to play games and there fore reduce the problem of games getting lost over time, and more opportunity for others to ref things.

Anyway I'm going to play some nuclear dawn now and ponder on these issues.

A new season

A new anime season, and weirdly it's quite good;


Let's start off with the obvious;


Second season of Working! It's started off just as funny as the first and just as high quality, this is a show to sit back and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon without a doubt.

Vid gone


Next Persona 4

Based on the simply fantastic part rpg part random dungeon crawler part dating sim game that I love, even though I am yet to complete one. The anime so far seems pretty close to the game, which I'm replaying with the goal of finishing it before the anime tells me the ending olol. Anyway it looks great and has kept the music from the games.

Vid Gone

Now all the anime I thought would suck.


This was what I was expecting to be a dull little ecchi affair about a loli who'se also a box, unfortunatly when I thik of magic boxes I can only think of hellraiser. This though living up to my delicious desire for shinpan failed to be boring or rubbish, which was the begining of a bad trend as I look for a show that sucked. The show has quality animation, and it's amusing enough even if it's cliche, the end of the second episode is when it gets interetsting. Low censorship.

Also I really like this op… The song has that great rising vocal thing that I love in a track.

~Vid Gone


This is probably the most living up to my "rubbish geneirc ecchi harem" hunt, however it fails to be bad enough to really get up there and I may actually finish it. Boy joins co-ed school from an all boy school, turns out it's a dodgy school dedicated to elemental combat of some sort child hood friend / fiance / rival set up. Low censorship.

This is a show that I have a 50/50 chance of forgetting.

Vid Gone


I feel compelled to watch it just so I understand the things Cereal says and weird in jokes I don't get otherwise. This is a miserable little decent into "can we get our show banned from tv" and all I have learnt is that loli likes rape insects and dodgy cthulhu quoting priest likes to wait until a target has completly collapsed into despair before shreadding it with tenticals.

Nice sounding op though, again it has that raising lyrics thing I like. Saddly no op with visuals o.O

Vid Gone

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Right, I thought I was onto a winner when I saw the intro for this on, but no. A half English half Jaanese guy joins school and everyones scared of him becouse he's got blond hair so they think he's a delinquent. He meets a girl talking to her imaginary friend. May be leader for most fun sounding op. Anyway they decide to make a club to make friends. I say they, I mean she. Oh and the first episode was nowhere near as ecchi as I was expecting.


Vid gone


What the fuck! Super Market Sweep on crack.Set around the sterotypical manic moment when a store cuts stuff to half price at the end of the day and everyone battles for it.

This show looks very pretty. But it's completly off the wall and reminds me of equal parts koi hime that random battling girl ova I saw once and something i just forgot.

I really like the ed for this but can't find it.


Vid Gone


Anyway that's enough for now.

Just an update to say nothing

Errr there was actually a post here but word press appears to have eaten it, oh well it wasn't important.


So something like, this anim season sucks, the only thing worth watching is Kamisama no memo chou, settled for watching HD Uncut versions of High school of the dead and Railgun, also enjoyed watching Redline a pretty awesome sci fi racer that reminded me of wacky races.

Had a good time playing macross the other weekend.

Watched game of thrones then read the books, Arya is the best, Jon's story is at least interesting, Tyrion is great, Jamie gets interesting and, Sansa is terrible, Bran is boring too.

Started a birthright forum game which is slow getting started but it's coming along nicely I think.

I didn't get my second beer at the maid cafe.

mmmm I think that's about it, ayacon was fun, men should be allowed to wear skirts more often, the new smileage line up sucks, I'm liking kpop more and more, AKB48 have crazy sales figures, and I want more free booze.

And that is all.


Maids of England ~ Maid Cassis ~ Maid RPG

So, we've seen Maid Ren, now for Maid Cassis.

p.s. Character only based on maid persona, and only the persona bits that I've witnessed.

Maid Cassis

Maid Cassis is the Head Maid, a steely warden of Maid Virtue and service, though she is dismissive, bossy and more than a little bit Tsundere. She is sworn rival to Maid Suu and almost a polar opposite, whilst Maid Suu is forever genki and more than a little bit clumsy (more than one master has been subject to unfortunate spillage) Maid Cassis though is always on hand to smooth the wrinkles and put things back in order. Her personality led her to join the school archery club, a fitting role for a future school council president in her second year she became team captain and secured a senior position on the student council, a stepping stone to her post as student president.

Character Sheet

Maid Type : Cool / Heroine

Maid Colours : Purple / White

Maid Roots – Hereditery Maid – her parents were maids to the lords and ladies of England, and their parents before them, Maid Cassis is devoted to her role.

Stress Explosion – (what you do when the other maids or bad guys wind you up) Rampage – you grab the closest item and go on and insane rampage wrecking things in the mansion, throwing things at the other maids (including one unfortunate occasion with Butler Kouhei, it took hours to get him down from the chandelier)

Maid Weapon – Long Bow – Generally deployed to Keep Maid Suu and her rabble in order but occasionally deployed to fend off threats to her Lords and Ladies.

Special Qualities

Glasses – adding to her sophisticated and serious demeanor, however if she ever takes them off, look out!

Bad Expression – she always looks prepared to kick ass and take names.

Rival – Maid Suu, the two are forever dueling for the Lords and Ladies attention.

Dark Past – Former Delinquent – in her hay day she was known as a troublemaker and rabble rouser, on more than one occasion a confrontation has been solved with the arrival of a gang of bike riding yankees worshipping her as their former boss and begging her to return.


Athletics : 2

Affection : 2

Skill : 3

Cunning : 3

Luck : 2

Will : 3

Favour – 2

Spirit – 30

The woes of a new season

So a new season of anime has begun, and I must say it's the worst season in some time, it has a single gem in Kamisama no memo chou which is very good so far, a possible good show in Kamisama Dolls, and a note worthy sequel in baka no test. Yuruyuri isn't bad, but suffers from the main problem all 4 panel manga anime adaptations have suffered from since azumanga and that is that it's designed for lolicon otaku. Not a terrible thing but it does get a bit trying at times. Everything else this season looks pretty shit, No, 6 looked okay until I realized it was a yaoi based show. There are still a few more things yet to air such as the new series of Last Exile which I look forward too.



To make matters worse, anime on demand has been fucking everythign upwith their retarded poorly conceived sabotage of high quality streams from Crunchyroll. Up until those faggots turned up we could pay our £5 and watch most of the anime released in a season perfectly legally, but now these twats have turned up and over paid to get exclusive rights to show some shows in the UK, so if you want to watch all the shows you want you have to pay £5 for Cruncyroll and however much the shit eaters over at AOD want to charge. Well they can fuck off. I pay my Crunchyroll subscription so I'll take what I paid for. What's worse is that AOD have the shittest web site design in the world, they havn't even bothered with their own content system, you can't find anything, their stream quality is appauling (like early youtube style), their 720p stream is hideous (hey we only have 2 kinds of black) and worst of all, they don't fucking simulcast! Seriously close down you French bastards! If you want to set up get rights along with Crunchy and if you provide a better service anyone wants then you can compete with crunchyroll, but as it is you're just a bunch of cunts.



Exciting things, Ashen Star Final PDF was released, Here it looks great and one day I may even play it!

More exciting, the guy that translated Maid RPG has released his 3rd draft of Magical Burst the dark magical girl RPG – Magical Burst

Also the same guy has made an interesting add on for most rpg's to create social links and back grounds for characters where the game itself doesn't support them. The method looks really interesting and I'll have to set about using it for something (maybe a macross style campaign or the streets game I've been putting together?)  Entagelments

Anyway, that's all for now.


Maids of England ~ Maid Ren ~ Maid RPG

So I was at a maid cafe and failed at making a maid character for Maid Ren, so here we go –


Maid Ren, the Always serious steady character of the group while Maid Suu is bouncing off the walls and Maid Cassis Tsundere antics forever telling them all off for not doing a good job or Maid Rini forever lost in the clouds. Maid Ren attends Doki Doki High along with Maid Suu and Maid Ai, Maid Ren is a star on the track team but comes across as a little unapproachable, she's got many admirers including a number of the junior girls which see is not entirely pleased about – but she copes in her normal steady manner, and her admirers do tend to be a bit too scared to approach her.


Character Sheet

Maid Type : Cool / Boyish

Maid Colours : Red / Red

Maid Roots – Business – being a maid makes ends meet and lets you patch up the hole in the floor and cover the leaks in the roof.

Stress Explosion – (what you do when the other maids or bad guys wind you up) Seclusion – you go to your room and refuse to come out, not even for food.

Maid Weapon – Summoning, you can summon beasts and spirits that settle your scores.

Special Qualities

Quiet – You have a cool, subtle demeanor.

Uniform – You wear a pair of white trainers and high socks, all the better for chasing people that threaten your master

Bad Expression – You permanently look annoyed / disinterested making first meetings difficult (however it's also a charm point)

Membership – Shadow Clan – A member of a secret order of assassins that have existed through the ageas.


Athletics : 3

Affection : 1

Skill : 2

Cunning : 2

Luck : 1

Will : 3


Favour – 2

Spirit – 30

Stuff Coming

I've got two brief posts coming up, one will cover trail of cthulhu and Kara no Shoujo, the other will cover anime. The anime one will likely have some talk of events and shit I've visited of late.


Till then.

A brief tool

A quick template for creating outlines for generic adventures, in this case ingenium (of course), I'm going to look at a horror game in a little bit based on gumshoe inspired by what little I've read about the game engine behind Kara no Shoujo this has me chomping at the bit for something interesting.


I'm also on a run of good luck as my main two players have decided to give reffing a shot, which is cool as it means I get to play, though both are playing fantasy settings, one is planescape which has always intrigued me and the other is ars magica, which is a game I enjoyed in my youth.


The Scenario Planner

Basically most scenarios need an intro, a hoped for ending and some twists between the two, also there should be some idea of encounters and clues that link the start to the end. I'm sure everyone has a planner of some sort even if it isn't structured I'm going to upload the one I'm currently using a long with a rough outline for a scenario.

Border Troubles

Ingenium Adventure Outline Template