White megastructures soar through the clouds black vines clinging to them like the bulging veins of a weightlifter. Sky corridors crisscross the sky. Huge translucent sacks bob on the winds trailing huge tentacles of green and brown which sway with the air, inside the sack seem to be large canisters, hazard lights dot around the sack and down the trailing tentacles. Sky corridors connect to docking points were, for the most part, for lighter than air buses to collect and deposit people from different parts of the vast interconnected sprawl of monoliths.

In one of the tens of thousands of docking points, a bus had released a massive crowd. People, remotes, androids and robots, some tall smooth featureless forms like things from the cover of an Asimov novel, others small and boxy rolling about on wheels, others skitting past overhead, people of all kinds of colours from translucent through to a black so dark and so matte that it absorbs all light. Limbs and appendages sprouted from some like deities of ancient lore. Some seemed to be made of flesh and bone while others were wholly mechanical, many you couldn’t tell either way. Some looked like animals, others fantasy creatures, others simply confounded explanation.

She looked up at the digital time piece above the door the flood was headed towards. 08:26 even under the best circumstances she was going to be late. She rolled her eyes and slipped between two unidentifiable entities, “Excuse me.” She chimed in a strangely bell like tone. The entities seemed to grumble but nothing more came of it as she popped out of the hoard and started up the corridor warning signs popping into her vision informing her she was moving too quickly, and that she was going up the down side. She tilted her head and carried on ignoring the displeased looks that she could ascertain and simply assuming everyone else concurred with them.