There was a loud clanking and rumbling as the monorail passed over head Kaos ran his chrome head through his chord like weaves of nanowire hair. Angular yellow filled eye slots seemed to glar in all directions at once like some kind of prey animal he squated down large expensive trainers wrapping over sized feet, combat fatigue pants and a large jilet revealed sleek black monofilament myomeres, the light occasionally catching the a reflective surface that seemed to say “Kansaki Orbital” a manufacturers mark. His face looked like a classic human but the eyes and silver metal ringlets where the chord like hair connected indicated that that too was artificial.

“Where have you been?” Kaos asked, lips moving and a monotone deep voice emerged in time with them. His words addressed to a ghost occupying parallel virtual space.

“Busy… Avoiding Eyes… Many Eyes… They See” I figure that looked like a thousand writhing snakes projected in Kaos’s vision through his cyber optics. A grotesque entity.

“Looking like that I don’t blame you.” Kaos turned from the writhing thing and looked at a service bot that has stalled a bit away.

“Visage means nothing… in the flow… this is but a reflection… a real time interaction with a fake flow between the truth where we are what we are and where you are where you are nothing but a puppet.” The writhing figured convulsed and flopped piles of bugs and snakes onto the ground that fizzled into the ether of the virtual space.

“I guess that’s a way of seeing things. Now, onto more important matters. Can we exchange?” Kaos seemed to get to the point and the mass of monsters made a faint gesture and then placed something in mid air between them.

“It’s not going to wipe me?” Kaos ‘looked’ between the two things.

“I wouldn’t know… Didn’t open… Not my place to open… Payment on delivery…”

Kaos nodded and handed flipped his hand forward as he did the entity and seemed to nod and vanish as did the thing floating between the two of them. Kaos stood up, the service robot started to move again Kaos watched it a moment, shrugged and started down the street to the main market again. If what he’d heard was true he was in for a great night, one hell of a great night!

If What he heard was true.