How Reassuring

“This is Terminal-G-114 please respond”

“Terminal-G-114 This is Silent Librarian we read you”

“Silent Librarian This is Terminal-G-114, Ident Acknowledge, please maintain course and heading and state your business.”

“Terminal-G-114, This is Silent Librarian, we have scheduled docking on station.”

“Silent Librarian, This is Terminal-G-114, please hold.” A moment past. “Silent Librarian, This is Terminal-G-114 docking permission granted please follow the nav buoys to docking clamp Delta Seven One Two. Please acknowledge.”

“Terminal-G-114, This is Silent Librarian, Delta Seven One Two, Acknowledged. Have a good day. Close.”

“You too Silent Librarian. Close.”

The Silent Librarians chemical reactors flared a moment, her automated navigation systems already having dialled into the data feed as the captain confirmed the order from the Terminal controller. A dozen small nozzles released controlled propellent to ensure a smooth connection with the docking clamp systems.

On the ship, most of the inhabitance gathered in a small cylindrical room where they were harnessed to the walls. The harnesses were highly adjustable and as evidence by the various people being of all several different kinds. A couple looked like traditional all be it augmented humans. One was probably easier described as a box with a brain inside it. Another looked like a person mixed with a beetle and finally there was a cat perched not inside a harness looking around at everyone with that look cats give things they are displeased by.

A bulk head door opened and another person came in, this person was a gorilla it was wearing a jump suit and had an emergency mask hanging from its neck and a com ring.

“I presume we have arrived?” The Cat asked a small gem on its collar flashing as it spoke.

“We have, on time as well” the Great Ape replied. Ring flashing at it did.

“How marvelous!” The Cat purred.

“I couldn’t say. I don’t like being out this far from the loop.” The Gorilla buckled itself in and looked at the brain in the box. “You gonna be okay bucket head?”

“As long as the ship doesn’t do anything funny” a fuzzy voice emanated from an arcane looking contraption on the side of the box.

“Routine docking, nice and simple compared to getting past Saturn. The harness is just a standard docking precaution in case of an emergency this chamber can be jettisoned. Note the emergency air supply to your right and hope you don’t need it.” The Gorilla laughed.

“How reassuring.” The Cat retorted and then glared as though staring through the wall and into space. Its lips curled. “Reassuring indeed.”