A Drop

“Look at it,” he said staring out into the neon-lit cityscape of Sin, “A whole city dedicated to nothing but debauchery and madness, it truly is a sign that we live in a time beyond the event horizon. I remember talking long ago to fellow colleagues about what might happen when we realised our true potential as humans so few of them could have ever conceived of something like this.” He let out a laugh as skimmers slipped past and slow-moving lighter then air buses and cargo skiffs bobbed along. Above the city, there was more city, as though they were in a city turned in on itself. Along the middle, a virtual sun crawled giving an oppressive red tint to everything.

“The people of your initialisation were ill equipped to understand the meaning of consciousness they truly had no real notion of the vast complexity that was reflected by the fleshy mass that was an original human brain.” A person that sat on a ventilation pipe behind him stated in a singsong voice that reminded a listener of a robotic violin. “They imagined that the human was the brain, that it was a simple thing, that it could be duplicated with ease, that all they needed were enough transisters in enough rows and magically you would create intelligence.”

The man in scruffy looking white lab coat looked at his compatriot it’s sleek lines reminded him of a hunter-killer drone set on exterminating some run-down village in the third world or maybe one of those Giger biomechanical drawings. Like one fine curve infinitely extended to create the perfect killer, alluring and terrifying in equal parts. “I’ll admit, we were na├»ve but it seemed sensible. Why wouldn’t the intelligence be a simple matter of brute force.” He crossed his arms, huffed, and then grinned again. “Well no matter, we found a novel solution in the end. Nanites are wonderful things”

The other person stood up its sleek predatory limbs seemingly bending light and making their complete form hard to comprehend. “Indeed. I have detected the carrier, shall we go?”

“Wonderful, yes, lets!” with that he stepped off the edge of the building.