She bit her and peered to the side she could see the yo boys coming towards her through her Tekni Vizers(tm) a data stream tumbled along the other side of her vision. Above the yo boys various tracks of data came into vision describing all their various vital statistics, gear, known records.

“Hey there, you wanna play?” One of the half dozen guys asked in a robotic voice small round red LEDs in place of eyes, a bar code under his eye.

“How about you fuck off before I bury your sorry arses.” Her response, blunt, venomous, like a riled rattlesnake poised to strike. The yo boys started to fan out looking like a pack of feral dogs a mismatch of body armour, cybernetics and, street fashion.

“Now that’s not very nice, I’m Acid, these are my boys, what’s your name?”

A clack rang out, a Saturday special pointing at the yo boys smoked in her hand, her eyes watching their motion as the back of the boy who just introduced himself Acid’s head exploded splattering over another of the boys behind him.

“To cute for you.” Her tone hadn’t changed.

“Holy fuck! The bitch just shot Acid!” There were a number of shocked squawks and horrified exclamations and quite a few insults. “Kill her!”

With that they seemed to have come to some kind of agreement, she tutted and pulled the trigger of her gun again one with green hairs eye socket popped and the content of his brain sprayed over the boy next to him.

They stopped and stared, she turned her face to look at them down the sights now. She noticed one of them had pissed himself, her finger started to clench again.

“Fuck no”, “sorry”, “shit crazy whore”, “Fucking run!” The remaining four boys ran, she rolled her head back a moment a look of contemplation on her face for a moment then she holstered her pistol again.

A light on her Tekni Vizers hud flickered. Data transfer complete. She smiled, reached into her pocket and pulled out a chewing gum which she flicked into her mouth.

“I came to kick arse and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

A loud crash next to her as something she could only consider a giant preying mantis from hell landed next to her.

“I suspect your day has just gotten unfortunate” the thing twittered at her.

She leapt back with tremendous speed, inhuman reflexes and the insect responded lunging after her with razor-sharp incisors.