Bad Day

“What the fuck is that!?” A small tracked machine exclaimed as it suddenly began to reverse. Something massive and dark, bigger then a skyscraper, a sound like tearing metal exploded from the depths of smog. A slender feminine frame next to him stopped mid air and surveyed the situation a bright red beam pulsed on a sensor surface on its head.

Another huge explosion rang out shockwaves blasted through the air “FUCK” the little tracked thing exclaimed again wires exploded from it and dug into the ground, figure above was buffeted by the wind a blue flame flared behind it and it went up higher.

“I think we have a problem Stephano.” A soft lilting voice pointed out.

“Really? What gave you that idea Vector?” The small tracked robot flared.

“It’s class S dimensional disruption, I believe something has arrived, the information gathered indicates that it is likely a titan class monstrosity.”

“I think we should be leaving if that’s the case!”

“I need to collect data to return to the citadel, you’re to withdraw to a safe distance and relay any data I can collect.” The voice noted in a business like fashion.

“Wait, Vector, there’s no need to do that, come back with me!” Stephano exclaimed.

“I do, it’s my job.” Vector responded and shot forward with incredible speed.

“Shit!” Stephano began heading back as Vector vanished into the fog.

“I knew it was going to be a bad day today.” Vector looked into the magnetic turmoil of the fog and headed for the source of the seismic disruptions already her mind had pictured the kind of vast creature she would see when it came into clear view but she wasn’t ready to be so dwarfed. She checked the comms status to see if she was still sending and receiving data, it seemed she was so she began.

Diving forward through the storm she glimpsed the titan, and then the swarm of other monsters with it.