Good Idea

“What’s that noise?” Arnold asked nervously as he stooped behind his friend trying to see in the dim light cast by the mobile phone.

“What noise?” A touch of fear mixed with bravado in Colin’s tone.

“You didn’t hear that?” Arnold’s head snapped to the side as though he was heard or saw something else.

“No, hear what?” Colin tried a handle of a door, it clicked and he pushed it open dust and cob webs floated on the air.

“Sounded like scratching.” Arnold’s head snapped in the opposite direction swinging the light of the phone back and forth.

“Well we are in some kind of abandoned tower.” Colin walked through the door way, low tables were set in orderly rows, blackboards covered a far wall, chairs were scattered around.

“Yeah, good point, can we leave now?” Arnold followed Colin into the room reluctance clear.

“Why on earth would we leave? We haven’t found anything interesting yet!” Colin stated with some frustration as he strode over towards where the black boards were, stepping up onto a slightly raised platform.

“Well just that this is weird tower that seems to have appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a forest and I’m feeling a bit weirded out.” Arnold stuck his hand in his pocket and rummaged around pulling out an inhaler that he put to his lips and gave it a huff.

“Come on, we can’t chicken out now. Aren’t you curious?” Colin walked to a set of draws that had a dust covered vase on it, he ran his finger over the top and left a thick trail in the dust.

“No, not really, I think strange towers that appear in the middle of nowhere are bad news and best left unexplored by us.”

Colin tutted in disapproval and opened the draw, he saw a faded newspaper and some text books. He went to look at the paper but it crumbled under his touch.


A sudden loud noise that seemed to come from above. Arnold’s eyes went wide and he dropped his phone on the ground as he screamed.

Colin dropped his phone in the draw with a start at the same time “What was that?” He scooped up his phone and looked over at Arnold who scrabbled around trying to pick his own phone back up.

“Don’t know, don’t know, CAN WE LEAVE?” Arnold managed chase his phone down and pick it back up. Colin looked at the ceiling for a moment. “Well?” Arnold wheezed.

Another scraping noise came through the ceiling.

“Yeah, probably a good idea.”