Nanowrimo is around the corner

With Nanowrimo around the corner and my wasting of the last three or four months it’s time I force myself back into the habit of writing on a daily basis. In order to succeed in that event I need to be able to write around 1700 words a day, but I can’t just write about any old thing it has to be a single coherent story which of course is a bit of a problem so I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to find a world in which to base my story.

As normal I guess I’m torn between fantasy, supernatural modern, cyberpunk and far future.

A fantasy world would have to land on a classical fantasy or a dark fantasy setting.

When it comes to modern supernatural I have a thought around an apocalyptic setting. Where it starts a few days before the end of the world and the character is simply trying to survive.

I have a couple of thoughts again around a cyberpunk well quote cyberpunk setting one is more of a near future kind of more of how I really see the future going with shinning white cities of prosperity and progress. The other is that there is some kind of strange otherworldy battle front.

I have a character that I really like, the detective that appears from time to time in various things I’ve done.