No Problem

“Shit!” Hooper slammed his headset down on the console.

“What is it?” Tanaka asked as she looked up.

“Storms coming in fast, we’re gonna be on lockdown here for the next twenty hours.”

“Shit. I had a date with Charlie.” Tanaka sat down. Hooper snorted. The doors to the command room slid open with a mechanical grinding. A man with long hair and a beard wearing coveralls and a baseball cap.

“What’s got you two down?”

“Storm, we’re on lockdown.” Tanaka said as she leant back and started slowly turning on the chair.


“Yeah.” Tanaka sat up.

“Guess I’ll let Mitchel and Hannah know, we’ll set about locking down the garage.” He turned and started heading out.

“Thanks Ross, check the supply outlook.” Hooper said as he flicked a few switches and plugged a couple of buttons on the machine infront of him.

“No problem boss”