A real mess

He looked around the apartment taking in the insanity of it all dried blood covered almost every surface, the walls, even the ceiling, the bodies of the family were hanged from hooks in the wall. Naked and gutted from the looks of, a man, a woman and two children. The forensics tech was knelling down collecting samples. He walked over to the bodies and looked closer, covering his face with his handkerchief to supress the odour of rotting flesh.

Their eyes were sowed shut, and teeth were not present in the bloody holes that were once mouths, he looked around a moment and noted the pile of teeth on the dresser next to an empty tea cup.

“Where are the rest of them?” He asked of the tech, who pointed towards another room, a police officer came out looking green and heading for the door. He steeled himself and went in. More forensics techs were going around taking samples and photos, the fridge door was open, he glanced inside. The missing organs.

An older man was in the room shaking his head and looking at his PDA, the man looked up and nodded at him.

“Hooper, hell of a mess.” The old man said, vaguely waving his hand.

“Looks that way.” Hooper walked over him while trying to arrive the human debris on the floor.

“We got a call an hour ago, apparently there were complaints about the smell, the building attendant finally broke in… and well.”

“Where’s the attendant?”

“Psych ward, guy had a mental brake almost immediately, real mess.”

“I can imagine.”