A hero?

“Hey Rath, what you doing?” A red haired girl in simple dress bounded over the fence. Rath was swinging a wooden sword around as if he was fighting a gaggle of ghosts.

“I’m practicing.” He huffed.

“For what?” She started rummaging through the sack she had been carrying.

“For when I become a knight!” He proclaimed, as he’d done a thousand times before.

“Only nobles get to be knights Rath, ah there it is.” She pulled out a couple of apples from the sack. “Apple?” He looked at her a moment and nodded sheathing his wooden sword in noose he had at his hip.

“Then I’ll become a noble.” He nodded. He took a bite of his apple.

“You can’t become a noble, you just are a noble.” She took a bite of her own apple. “Besides, why do you want to be a knight?”

Rath rolled his eyes “So I can go on adventures, and bring back gold to take care of grandpa and grandma. And so that you don’t need to work hard!”

“I don’t mind hard work, and it sounds dangerous, where do you get the gold from?”

“Bad guys.”

“They sound particularly dangerous.”

“Grr you wouldn’t understand.” He jumped up and returned to his practice position.

“No, I suppose not.” She said, and rummaged through her sack again, “ah there it is” this time pulling out an old bound book and set about looking at the pictures.