The armored man picked the boy up by the scruff of his neck with one hand, the other still clutched around a sword still fresh with the blood of the boys mother.

“You’ve got some fight boy.”

“I’ll kill you!” The Rath shrieked.

“Of course you will, just like that dead wench was gonna protect you.” The man sneered and jolted his head towards the bloody mound on the ground that had been Rath’s mother. The boy was quite for a second, eyes wide again as if what had just unfolded played through his mind once again. A cottage a flame behind them, the crackling and whooshing of fire muffling the screams and cries as the troops set about ransacking the area.

“Why!” The boy screamed again, trying to punch at the mans head. The man laughed and waved the boy around in the air.

“Why? Because this is how the world works boy, the land is aflame with war and the little people are eaten up and shit out like so much cud.” A sadistic grin as he drew back his arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Reaver?” A man shouted, armour covered in blood and dents.

“Having a bit of fun.” The soldier growled.

“You know the rules. The children are ours, you can do what you like to the adults. Give him to me.”

“Tsch, your unlucky day boy. You missed out on a quick death.” He threw Rath to the ground who tried to stand back up but before he could the other man had him by the scruff of the neck and dragged him towards a cage and threw him in. The cage was a cacophony of terrified and anguished wailing. Rath still didn’t understand what had happend.