Star ship

“It’s madness! What fool would accept such an insane and outrageous plan!” The representative of the Common Collective for Tranquility and Self railed. Agreements from others around the vast chamber nodded.

“Please representative, we understand that the project is indeed bold, but life would not materially change in the short term and in the long term the species will be greatly rewarded.” The representative of the Tran Stellar Solar Union of the Free Thinkers responded.

“And the project is perfectly sound from a solar economic perspective and a purely technical. This is infinetly less risky than the hundreds of thousands of colonial ventures we have already funded.” The representative of the Sentient Swarm of Likemind added. Everyone in the space had been provided with the full data on the project.

“Simply being of sound scientific and economic base doesn’t mean we should do it!” The representative of the Allied Spacer Cylinders protested.

“Come now, the long term rewards of being able to seed multiple galaxies is astronomical, also we can’t neglect the need to thoroughly audit the available stellar matter.” The representative for the Data Hybrid Syndicate noted.

“To traverse the void would be a journey that could renew the spirit. We are not opposed” The representative of the Zen Spirituality added.

“It is paramount to ecological vandalism on a galactic scale!”

“The concerns of Presevation Society are well known and while we are of course sympathetic, I feel we are long past those concerns. The Earth will remain the museum of our species.”

“A relic of our earthbound past.” The representative of the Complexity Republic added.

“While some of our seed ships may have set out on such a voyage, there is no better seed ship than our star system itself. This would be a grand undertaking and we fully appreciate the concerns, the proposal of the solar ark will continue debate.” The grand old AI that oversaw proceedings stated.

The debate had gone on for a decade in realtime, in condensed conference time it had been discussed for over ten thousand years. Suffice to say the conversion of the solar system itself into an intergalactic colony ship was no small task.