“I want to see them all dead, their friends their parents, their grandparents, their children and children’s children. Kill every last thing they hold dear. Then bring them before me. Then let them rage as I face out into the stars, and shoot them in the head. So that they know in their last moment I not only hate them, hate them with a passion born so deep they can barely fathom but that that hate is insignificant.”


“Was I not clear? Do you not feel it? That hate, you feel? We must crush them so firmly so completely that they know everything they are, everything they ever were, is utterly meaningless. All they have done has brought utter and complete ruination to themselves and everything they could ever be. That is what they have done. That is what they have wrought. Destroy them completely. That is what must be done.”

“Of course.”

“No one will cross us like this again without knowing the consequences.”

“You were never human trash, you could never understand”