He stood in the king’s hall as the other summoned heroes glared at him, hate burning in their eyes after the accusations of the Princess. The king yelped and barked impotent rage. Kane’s head was pounding with unbridled rage, already have concluded that this was all a waste of his time and energy and that there was no point in talking in this kangaroo court. Besides he’d committed no crime here and would not grovel, he rolled his head back and looked at the ceiling. Inhaled and then snapped it back so he could stare right at the King.

“Shut up you fat sack of shit.” As though the whole room had frozen. As if his words could freeze the core of a human being.

“One more word out of yours or your bitch daughters mouth and I’ll kill you both here and now. I have no time for your petty lies and childish squabbling.” He turned.

“Stop him!” The king screamed.

He sneered as the two guards went to draw their swords, in a way he found it pitiful the way they jumped to their deaths against a legendary hero summoned from beyond the hero gate. In a flurry of motion in less than a second the two guards dropped to the ground blood gurgling little bubbles from their mouths, each of their swords now held in his hands.

“I have things to do, unless anyone else here wants to die today?” He looked across at the other “legendary heroes” they had all turned white and seemed as though they may be sick.

“I suggest you all stay out of my way. Have fun here in the castle, I’ll deal with the end of the world myself.”

Shouts and commands that he return echoed throughout the hall, but nobody tried to stop him. He made a note to himself to kill the King and Princess if he ever had the chance. He really couldn’t stand liars.