“So, what are you gonna do about it pussy? You gonna try and do something about it? All you lot are the same, weak, worthless, subhuman tra-” the man stopped, shocked by the event that just unfolded, the weakling he had just been berating appeared to have stabbed him. In the throat. The boys facial expressions were completely unchanged as he pulled the blade back, blood splurting from the mans throat. His friends turning white with horror, a moment ago they’d all been laughing with confidence at the young mans fate.

“I find it ironic that such words could have ever come from such a worthless mouth.” The young man took in the faces around as the spluttering man tumbled to the ground in a pool of blood. The young man stood in a loose open stance. His clothes were worn and rustic, he had furs for boots, and a wolf pelt for a cloak, his eyes now had the look of a barely contained wild animal. The men all looked at each other, hoping for one of them to make a move. The young man sneered and took a step backwards. “Now then, I suggest you all take your leave.”