“Why’s it always something cool?” Mitchel suddenly exclaimed while staring at a monitor.

“Pardon?” Tia responded looking up at him from her tablet.

“Why’s it always something cool? Yo know when someone goes ‘I was a so and so in a previous life’ or ‘I have a spirit animal and it’s a unicorn’ when’s the last time anyone went ‘A dung beatle is my spirit animal’ or ‘My previous incarnation was a drunken sewer worker’?” Mitchel faced Tia now as he vented his irritation at this situation. Tia had a look of mute bewilderment for a moment.

“What on earth are you talking about?” I note of irritation in her voice.

“Freaks and lunatics, that’s what.” He sighed and looked back at the monitor. Tia blinked and shook her head looking back down at her tablet the advanced mechanics textbook scrolling by as she absorbed the information at a rapid pace.

Several minutes went by and Tia looked across at Mitchel again. Some silent and unknowable que catching her attention as he suddenly turned.

“And why is it always vampires and werewolves?” He looked exasebated.

She laughed, “Why indeed. I’m bored, lets go cause some trouble.” She smiled and gestured at the door with the tablet. His eyes lit up.

“Yes. Lets.”