“Deploy the puppets.” Senior Comptroller Stern commanded, a cold certainty in their voice.

The others in the small control room looked at the comptroller for a moment shock visible on their faces then they looked back at their consoles as hands started to mechanically move between different screens and switches. A man with four robotic arms commanded two keyboards faster than a skilled pianist. The white-haired woman with plastic-like skin nodded as she turned to the Senior Comptroller.

“We have set the puppets in motion.”

“Good, bring it up on the main screens.”

A woman in the back of the room seemed to comply as an image from some form of camera appeared on a large screen at the front of the room. Hundreds of porcelain white dolls with black joints began to surge towards a run down building with boarded up windows and haphazard barricades of burning furniture and cars. Signs hung from windows with slogans such as “Free The Future” and “Feed Us” and “Down with the administration.”

There appeared to be no audio, people stood up from behind the barricade shouting at the rapidly moving swarm of white mannequins, a Molotov cocktail streaked through the air thrown by someone who crouched back behind the barrier the bottle smashed into the ground spilling fire over floor and covering a number of inhuman objects in flame, the puppets not flinching, simply moving almost like animals as they closed in on their prey a number crouched down on all four as rocks and more bottles impacted on and around them.

The dolls leapt over the barricades various weapons suddenly popping out of the smooth white form. People were thrown left and right some seemed to be unconcious others clearly butchered by the puppets in a dance of blood and and chaos.