Story Outlines 1

Ki : Introduction
Shō : Development
Ten : Twist (complication)
Ketsu : Conclusion (reconciliation)

Sara and her companion “Bear” arrive at Newton Cylinder to attend the engineering academy.

Sara meets professor Tupel a leading but peculiar expert in the field of stellar engineering.

Sara discovers that Professor Tupel is planning to bring Proxima Centauri to our solar system and use it to create an inter stellar ark.

Sara resolves to join the Ark project and see it through to its conclusion saying farewell to our solar system and maybe one day the galaxy.

Klein starts a job as a data auditor at a small development firm.

Klein becomes friends with Miu and Alex the three struggle through the bordom of their day to day office life.

A strange girl arrives at the office from the Sanctuary and throws a man out of the window.

It turns out the girl didn’t throw the man out of the window but the office is closed for a few days so the group heads out to enjoy a few days of paid leave.