Story Outlines 2

Ki : Introduction
Shō : Development
Ten : Twist (complication)
Ketsu : Conclusion (reconciliation)

Tea is a new student at the academy who wishes she was something more than she is.

Tea is attacked and almost killed by a crazed woman when she is saved by a mysterious man who it turns out is a wizard, after saving her he leaves but she tracks him down and convinces him that he should make her his apprentice.

The wizard only accepted so that he could show her how terrible life is for those with magic, they are cast into a brutal life or death struggle where he ends up sacrificing his life to save her.

Tea now alone in the world of magic decides to continue as the old wizard once did.

Two friends reminice about the olden days while sat on the roof of a building.

As the sun sets they talk about how they met and the troubles they got into and the fun they had.

Lights streak across the sky as nuclear weapons are deployed in a conflict to end all life.

The two smile as the bright lights flare, the ground rumbles and everything is bathed in white.