NW D24

Amil and Long clashed and Meredith took a moment to look back as the two swirling in mortal conflict Amil not giving any quater and matching the monster strike for strike but Long then attacked with the wriggling snake like appendages each trying to take a slice out of Amil. Meredith turned and entered the large command tent and looked around inside as her eyes adjusted to the light a large table a map on the wall there were two men stood infront of the map, both deathly pale, Gilnar and Flacidious both dressed in loose fitting robes a selection of weapons rested in a rack to one side of the tent a collection of cutlery on and a roasted animal of some sort on the table.

Meredith closed the distance with the two men in a blink of an eye Gilnar looking shocked as the spear pierced his skull, Flacidious had however leapt back and Meredith realised that he’d used Gilnar’s mass to help propel himself away. Meredith looked at Gilnar, shock across his face, she frowned a little his as he collapsed to the ground, then her attention became focused back on Flacidious who had managed to pick up a blade and was returning her gaze.

“You got here faster then I expected.”

“Turns out that girl is a good trail blazer”

“Did the kings host enjoy its little excursion to the border?”

“It would seem they did, using your own seal was a bit of a risk, but I suppose you wanted to be found out”


“So why have you stopped for the night, it isn’t like your army needs to rest?”

“No, but we go from nice open plains to having to move along a road surrounded by forest and they aren’t the best at making it through difficult ground even when it is light and you tend to lose them.” He shrugged and stroked his blade.

“This scene doesn’t really suit you, I killed your ‘angel'”

“Ela? Indeed she reported that you’d destroyed her flesh golem and that you were on your way as requested”

“Irritating” She sneared.

“I imagine, knowing that you’re being played like a fiddle but knowing that there’s little a fiddle can do about being fiddled.” He laughed and performed a few practice swings.

“Do you believe anything they say?”

“No, but I realised it doesn’t matter.” He shrugged and checked his blade again.


“Because I lost, and they won, so I serve them now, just like I did the Kingdom and the Commander and why I went to the academy to be a leader, because at every step I was beaten and put into my place.” He looked at her and frowned.

“Cry me a river.” She rolled her eyes.

“That’s the funny thing about it all really, everyone looks at you and sees your stature and assume that there can’t be any real grit to you but little do they know that you’re all grit.” He smiled and pointed his sword in her direction.

“Is this to be our last dance?” She curtsied.

“No, I don’t think so, death was an illusion.”

“I kill you and you come back, you kill me and I come back?” She eyed him quizically.

“More or less, it does smite a bit though!” He laughed and rubbed his chest.

“I don’t have any intention of dying any time soon” and with that Meredith attacked her short sword thrusting upwards and her stilleto squarly towards the heart. Flacidius beating a hasty retreat not a moment to soon as both her attacks barely missed their targets. He opened his mouth to say something only to be interupted by a flurry of strikes that he parried with great skill opening back up a small amount of distance between them that she closed again without a moments hesitation.

He held his composure and parried her strike and followed up by punching her in the face which dazed her as he brought his sword across to slice open her belly but somehow regaining her composure she dived below and past him getting back to her feet and wiping her mouth and nose and looking at her hand. His gauntleted punch and burts her lip and broke her nose. She spun her sword a look of grim resignation across her face as Flacidious stood tall an equally grim look on his face.

“How about you call it quits and join us of your own free will?” She launched into a fresh attack the two throwing and deflecting blows time and time again the heavy strikes from Flacidious sending shudders through Meredith’s smaller frame and she found herself pushed back as blow after blow came down dents clear to see in her blade from where she was blocking the heaviest of blows. It was clear that she was being weakend and so she took to risking a dodge and making it exploded forth with her stilleto and followed it up with a couple of surgical strikes from her short sword he deftly knocked each aside. They continued to dance slowing into a lul of heavy powerful strikes and blocks and then exploading into a flurry of short strikes and stabs.

Meredith backed onto the table kicked an oil lamp that smashed on Flacidious’s arm which suddenly started to go up in flame Meredith exhausted tried to capitlaise on the moment of luck but found herself smashed down to the ground by his pummel various nicks and cuts covered as he flapped his arm trying to put it out she slowly and painfully got back to her feet while her head span, the tent itself was burning and she raised her sword again, he went to block high but instead she slashed at the tendons of his feet and then she flung herself at him wrestling him to the ground. He collapsed and she placed her knees to dig into his shoulders so he couldn’t move his arms.

The tent continued to smolder, she looked up at it and then back down at Flacidious.

“What was the point of it all?” She frowned as she asked Stilleto in one hand.

“Nothing, we’re all just fleeting moments trapped in a prison of flesh.”

“And we all play our parts?”

“It seems so. I’ll see you soon.”

“Not bloody likely.” Meredith brought the Stilleto down nailing his head to the ground and stood up.

“Shit.” She grumbled about the state of her nose and headed out to see what had happend to Amil the slowly smouldering tent behind her. Amil was stood over a quite litterally disarmed Long she was covered in blood and looked as though she was at her limit. Meredith walked over and looked at Amil closely as she turned to face her.

“Is the mission done?” Amil asked walking towards her.

“Mine is.” Amil nodded, and then the distance between the two closed at blistering speed. Their weapons clashing in the light of the burning tent. Meredith collapsed to her knees.


“Sorry, orders”

“We’re both dead now.”

“We were dead the minute the we took the ring.”

Meredith smiled. As Amil closed on her and finished her.

“Damn” Amil said as the monstrous soldiers finally took notice of her. She readied her sword and threw herself into the fight as the endless hoard decended upon her.

She was stood a face like a porceline cat mask before the featureless entity behind a desk.

“Ah I see you have returned” The entity pulled a book out from below its desk.

“Yes, that appears to be the case.” The porcelin doll nodded.

“Let me just check for your appointment”

“Yes, please.”

“Here it is, please go up those stairs” the entity pointed with its scisor like claw and the small girl with a robes of black and red wearing a porcelin cat mask headed on her way.