Category C

“Coor sure is raining out there.” The short-haired girl mocked as she pocked at his sodden coat and newspaper a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“You noticed?” The dripping wet chap asked slightly agitated while he placed his newspaper on the table, the stern-looking guy handed him a steaming cup of coffee silently.

“Sure did, I’m a bright spark me!” She chuckled and took a bite of the doughnut in her off-hand while her other searched for her teacup. He struck a quizzical look at her. “Now now, what’s that glare for, she raised an eyebrow.” Her short black hair bobbed about as her attention flitted.

“I sometimes wonder if you’re actually a kid.” The drenched man took a sip of his drink.

“Well, anyway, now we have all arrived we should discuss the matters at hand, no?” The somber man states while taking a small black notebook from his top inside pocket along with retractable pen held in the book loop.

“If we must” the young lady whined dropping the last of the doughnut into her mouth.

“I frequently wonder how you managed to achieve your post while being so infuriating.” The soaked man exclaimed pointedly taking out his own notebook.

“Either because I’m a genius, or so adorable? Or both!” She gave her shoulders an exaggerated shrug and smiled, propping her elbows on the table and resting her chin on the palms of her hands.

“The Omega was last seen at the entrance to the Bishops Gate orphanage two days ago.” The serious gentleman followed up without seeming phased, the woman smiled softly as her eyes seemed to take on a deadly seriousness.

“Indeed, given the observations from the forward observation team, we are looking at a category C threat.” She added.

“Would that be the fact that they were found in easy to chew chunks inside their van?” The now damp man asked.

“That’s part of it, though that would be possible for a D class threat, I’ve heard of some particularly problematic class E threats as well.” She responded. “But no, the recording equipment that wasn’t destroyed, remember there were a bunch of holographic disks in the vans black box? Well, they still had the data. The Omega had others at its command.”

“Great. What else do we know?”

“Well it wasn’t seen leaving the area, I called up old plans and records and it seems as well as a sewer system there’s also a subterranean cave network that was closed off.” The stern man added.


“It likes to use claws or something else sharp.” She said sitting up and wiggling her fingers.

“Perfect. Any idea how it got here?”

“Yeah, seems about a week ago someone got found in their apartment all diced up just like the observation team.” She said while stretching, hands coming to rest behind her head.


“Name was Colin Woods, a bit of digging led us to find out he was something of an occult amateur.”

“This doesn’t seem particularly low grade.”

“We’re still digging.” She shrugged.

“Well let’s dig deeper, and faster, while you may not be phased by our colleague’s death I sure as hell am.” The damp man drank his coffee and stood up. The stern gent nodded, while she rolled her eyes.