What is it?

“So, what are we looking at?” Dexter asked. A few heads and senior crewmembers were collected in the small ready room.

“Initial data indicates that it’s an inner system freight transport. Ship registry indicates it’s the “Crying Bar Hawk” a Stanner class built for trips between the habitats. Registered with Starliner until five years ago when it was sold for scrap.”

“So how’d it get out here? Something like that could only make the trip if it was travelling with a tender or five?” Tenner the crews heavy machinery operation specialist asked.

“No idea, we’ll find out when we board her, and yeah she only carries supplied for a six-month extended journey and she can only burn at 2g.” The Captain stated as she bobbed her head from side to side for a moment as if weighing the possibilities.

“What would the crew look like?” Dexter asked.

“Standard crew is thirty.”

“Cargo haulage, about 20k right?” Sen-2 the ships cargo tech asked.

“Yeah, standard haul is 20k.” The Captain nodded.

“They like em big in the inner system eh?” Yamato the ships weapon, combat and, demolitions specialist smirked.

“That’s a pretty average cargo hauler, have you ever seen the auto factories that exit from the catapult stations?” Tailor the ships hull & salvage operator piped up from the back.

“To long on this tin can.” Yamato said with a jolt of the head.

“Now don’t go insulting our baby vat kid.” Checkers the ship’s pilot reprimanded. Yamato gave Checkers the finger.

“Indeed, now this should be a standard operation. We match course and speed, come along, assess. If she salvage we’ll see if it’s worth hauling back, if she’s emergency search and rescue we’ll get the job done. Otherwise.”

“We mark her and let her drift in the infinite sea for all eternity.” Razer the ships full system engineer quipped.

“Very poetic. You know your jobs, we intercept in 2 weeks.”