Story Outlines 4

Terra is an uptown girl from a highly privileged family, she spends her time flitting from one high class socialite party to another and mixing with all the coolest and most important people in town.

Terra finds the entire affair tedius and one day goes downtown encountering Dual and a makeshift family of gang bangers. Distrustful but curious she becomes a ad-hoc member of the group.

The corporation Terra’s father is a senior leader for is caught up in a large fraud and he is arrested, her family collapses, she is ostracised and bullied by uptown society and she finds herself flung out into the world alone and relying on her friends in downtown. She discovers there is a world of difference between a visit and a life downtown.

Terra grows and become an engaged and active member of downtown, while learning the ropes she teaches those around her and finds happiness. While she may reminisce about life before she is happy and content to strive to be her own person with a community that cares.