After he pulled the trigger the man in a lab coat collapsed into the chair blood pouring from the gaping wound, his face already a twisted monstrosity twisted further by agony the gun he had been wielding spun across the floor. The Detective stood opposite, face emotionless as he pointed his hand cannon at the crumpled figure. A Magnum Max, 3 cartridges each big enough to take out an elephant. Something that may be of use if he were to shoot up a zoo or a small tank.

“Where are the kids?” The Detective asked, gun not wavering.

The man in the lab coat snorted a laugh, despite his wound finding some form of dark humour in the situation.

“I asked you a question scumbag.”

“Yeah. I heard.” The man answered his white lab coat now turning dark red.

“I ain’t going to ask again.” He squeezed the trigger to half-cocked, the hammer clicked back.

“Real Scary. I’m already dead. but. Just for you.” He pointed at a door.

The Detective slid the heavy metal door, the kind of thing you’d see on a giant freezer. The room was full of body parts, large tubes with small melting corpses in a green liquid, tubes and all manner of bizarre technology. The stench and sight making the detective pull his free arm up to his mouth and nose cradling them in the bend. Eyes shooting back his face changed subtly.

“Not yet! Another present.” The man soaked in his own blood chuckled. “Amy, activate final protocol. Dad.” A grin crossed the warped man’s ghastly face.

A column slid down from the ceiling, the Detective took aim. Inside the figure of a limbless girl, tubes, wires and cables where the limbs should have been, organs floating in suspending fluids. His eyes widened as the child’s locked on him. A horrifying look of pained recognition on her face, as the Detective stumbled back.

“You. You. You Fuck! What the fuck did you do to my girl!” The Detective screamed.

“Like it? My masterpiece. Part of the fusion weapon about. To explode. Only Solution. Put her out of her misery.” The man rasped.

The Detective pulled the trigger blowing the mans head to pieces. The Detective collapsed to his knees tears streaming down his face. Obviously contemplating his inhuman choice. He breathed deep.

“Daddy?” A computerised voice echoed around the room from some unknown source. “I hurt.”

He sniffed loudly, “I know hun” he forced out as he lifted his hand cannon to the tube, “I know.” He grimaced. Pointed.

“Daddy?!” A scream, full of fear, pain and, anguish despite the synthetic nature.

He pulled the trigger. Collapsed to his knees. Convulsing almost uncontrollably as he slowly loaded his cannon.

“I’m sorry baby I’m sorry” He repeated again and again as he got the cartridge in only stopping as he placed the cannon in his mouth. Snot and tears intermingled and streamed down his face. He pulled the trigger. Click, it didn’t fire, click, again no shot, another click, the hammer came down but the end didn’t come.

The Sealed security door opened and in rushed his partner with the security team and paramedics. The Detective in the middle of the room pulling on the trigger again and again.

“Jesus Christ.”