Writing Practice

Asylum – Discoveries

The Kuiper Belt 2371June 3rd

18:31 Atomic Earth Time

Deep Space Survey Vessel Utopia

“This is survey team Vulture, I think we’ve got something here…”

“Please extrapolate Vulture.”

A pause on the communication line.

“We’ve got no idea survey command, but it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before.”

“We’re on deep space survey vessel floating in the outer parts of the Kuiper belt Vulture, we haven’t seen much of this before.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m serious, whatever this is shouldn’t be here. I think, wait, no I am not going to speculate – we need a Research team out here command. We need a research team now.”

“We’ll have our internals run over your data and tight beam to Jupiter if it’s as interesting as you say.”

“Oh it’s interesting. We’re dropping the survey beacons and getting out of here.”



Earth 2371 August 18th 22:00

Atomic Earth Time

London – High Street Kensington “The King William”

A young man stared at a glass half full of synthetic alcohol, actual alcohol was banned in the early 22nd century, flicked the side of the glass and leant back. A screen rezzed up into view and the interface quickly changed, a news stream started to play, he sipped at his drink again.

“Boo” A female voice.

“What the!” He jumped, turned and, looked at the source of the voice so close he almost clipped her nose with his own. Bobbed brown hair, bright violet eyes, ridiculously pale skin amplified by subtle natural makeup.

“For a detective, you’re remarkably unperceptive.” She slipped onto the stall next to him and ordered a drink from the service drone.

“Only when I’m not on the job.”

“That’s when it’ll get you killed. What were you watching? Something inappropriate?” She tapped something by her ear.

“News stream, about the Utopia.”

“The survey ship they found wrecked around Neptune?”

“Yeah that one, all hands lost.”

“That’s deep space survey for you, one rogue rock and you’re turned inside out.”


“I work with you, I’m hardly likely to be a sophisticated lady now am I.”

“Why are you late anyway?”

She made a disgruntled sound and knocked back the drink “Paperwork, and that dickhead from department two sniffing around again.”

“You mean Administrator Dee? He’s a high flyer you should cash in.”

“If only he wanted me for my body, sadly it’s all about what’s in here.” She tapped the side of her head.

“Isn’t it always? One of the only psychics in Urban Pacification, it’s a wonder you ever joined our little band of law enforcers.”

She stretched and flexed her wrists as if they were cat paws “Nyan, Department two just isn’t my style. A girls gotta catch up!” She gave a little smile and ordered another drink.

Two people walked towards them, the young man gave the pair a brief wave.