3 Dandies

The exaggerated sniffing of the air as he strolled past them in the quadrant was a daily pitter-patter that drifted towards a young man that walked by who seemed to mind his own business.
“It’s a disgrace they let dogs in.” A blond true blooded noble snorted as he lent back against the wall waving a lavender hanky in front of his nose.
“Dog? To fine an animal, what we have here is common swine.” A dashing brown haired noble exclaimed excitedly.
“Swine swill more like.” A third red-headed boy laughed obnoxiously.
“Good day sires” the passerby bowed slightly as he moved swiftly on.
“By God, it spoke to us!” The blond chirped.
“How disgusting I must wash. Immediately!” The brunette clamoured.
“The indignity of it all!” The redhead Hollard.
The young man stopped and turned. Looked as though for a moment he was about to say something and then turned back to his walk.