The woes of a new season

So a new season of anime has begun, and I must say it's the worst season in some time, it has a single gem in Kamisama no memo chou which is very good so far, a possible good show in Kamisama Dolls, and a note worthy sequel in baka no test. Yuruyuri isn't bad, but suffers from the main problem all 4 panel manga anime adaptations have suffered from since azumanga and that is that it's designed for lolicon otaku. Not a terrible thing but it does get a bit trying at times. Everything else this season looks pretty shit, No, 6 looked okay until I realized it was a yaoi based show. There are still a few more things yet to air such as the new series of Last Exile which I look forward too.



To make matters worse, anime on demand has been fucking everythign upwith their retarded poorly conceived sabotage of high quality streams from Crunchyroll. Up until those faggots turned up we could pay our £5 and watch most of the anime released in a season perfectly legally, but now these twats have turned up and over paid to get exclusive rights to show some shows in the UK, so if you want to watch all the shows you want you have to pay £5 for Cruncyroll and however much the shit eaters over at AOD want to charge. Well they can fuck off. I pay my Crunchyroll subscription so I'll take what I paid for. What's worse is that AOD have the shittest web site design in the world, they havn't even bothered with their own content system, you can't find anything, their stream quality is appauling (like early youtube style), their 720p stream is hideous (hey we only have 2 kinds of black) and worst of all, they don't fucking simulcast! Seriously close down you French bastards! If you want to set up get rights along with Crunchy and if you provide a better service anyone wants then you can compete with crunchyroll, but as it is you're just a bunch of cunts.



Exciting things, Ashen Star Final PDF was released, Here it looks great and one day I may even play it!

More exciting, the guy that translated Maid RPG has released his 3rd draft of Magical Burst the dark magical girl RPG – Magical Burst

Also the same guy has made an interesting add on for most rpg's to create social links and back grounds for characters where the game itself doesn't support them. The method looks really interesting and I'll have to set about using it for something (maybe a macross style campaign or the streets game I've been putting together?)  Entagelments

Anyway, that's all for now.