Sun’s Out

“DevOps? Man don’t talk to me about that, I used to be a systems adminstrator and your whole purpose was to make yourself redunent with a small snippet of code. Problem was people kept finding new things to do everytime you finished automating something.” Sam said with a chuckle as he ate a chip and followed it up with a swigg from his pint glass.

“That and devs wanting to cut corners and do our jobs.” Rick snorted.

“They can hardly do their own! If it was up to them production would all be built on an old desktop under their desk.” Sam had another drink and pointed outside. Rick rolled his eyes and followed Sam out of the pub.

“When’s Mike getting here?” Rick asked looking around as Sam pilled out his fag packet and pulled out a smoke.

“Half hour I guess, he had to bodge together a fix for that burning wreck of release your guys put in a couple of nights ago.” Sam put the cigerette in his mouth and sparked it up. Rick flinched a moment. “You need to get a handle on those cowboys dude, it’s a fucking circus.”

“You tell me! I hardly have enough time to cover my own work let alone go aroung with the poop’a’scooper to pick up their shits.”

“I don’t get it, it’s like these folks never heard of google, I remember when something was fucked you either had to use a man page or god forbid go into the book cupboard and pull out a blasted red book!” Sam simulated the action fag hanging out of the corner of his mouth. They both laughed.

“Don’t remind me. Surely there’s something we can do?” Rick probed. Sam rubbed his temple for a few moments then spotted Mike walking past the gate.

“Mike! Mines a landlord!” Sam said pointing at his near empty pint glass. Rick raised his glass aswell. Mike rolled his eyes, back pack in place.

“How do you teach someone to learn? I was awful with my brother more prone to go into a fit of rage than teach him how to say a word.” Sam looked at the ground a moment. “Well at least the suns out?!”

A few minutes later and Mike came out holding three pints, Sam and mike both took theres and found a small table to prop themselves at.

“You fix it?” Sam asked Mike.

“Fucking clowns had set the netmasks wrong.” A frustrated and thirsty Mike spluttered before taking several long gulps of beer.

“You gotta hate coming out with us eh Rick?” Sam joked. Rick just shook his head.

“It’s not like I’m oblvisious, besides it’s the only way I manage to see how the other half live.”

“When you find out can you send us a fax, we’d love to hear about it!?” Mike said a rauctious laughter went out. “Anyone else coming out?”

“Well I expect we’ll see the usuals, sun’s out afterall.”

“That’ll be exciting.”