Cafe Scene

Two figures stand in the doorway of a run-down cafe, rain whipped sideways by the ferocious winds roaring through the streets. Red stained clouds race across the sky obscuring the stars and moon that must hide beyond, howling swallows up the night sounds, trees that dot the side of the road yaw as if to breaking point their branches clawing into the darkness, shadows dance and leaves, plastic bottles and crisp packets swirl relentlessly in voids.

The first figure is a delicate pale girl, short black hair. face illuminated by the cafe lights, she’s short wearing a short riding cape with an ornate broach, hood pulled down as if she were a little with or little red riding hood. She alternates between animated talking an energetic patter to her lips. Short business-like skirt, ankle boots and white stockings. Her hands dart back and forth, a sugar-coated doughnut in her hand. Eyes like stars rarely leave the focus of her companions face, sometimes she stops moving and smiles the kind of smile that leaves you wondering if you’re in some kind of game, a pure elated accepting and hopeful kind of smile.

Her companion, on the other hand, is a tall broad man, a dour face lined with concern the look of a man who has seen things that are best left unmentioned. His lips move rarely, his head occasionally nodding in agreement, in his hand a coffee, steam wafting off and vanishing into the ether, thick long dark brown coat, smart shoes, a rumpled shirt.

The girl takes a voracious bite of the doughnut, chews a moment and grins looking for a moment from her companion to the sweet treat, quickly her finger scoops a dollop of jam from the glistening centre and in a single graceful move places the jam on her companion’s nose. As she does she lights up, her smile impish and eyes full of humour she brings her hand back to her mouth to stifle the evident laughter. Her companion blinks, seemingly baffled and lost. Her back arches, her laughing breaking the roar of the wind. He shakes his head, the faintest crack of a smile for the slightest moment. She tilts her head, purses her lips and seems to sigh, her smile gently warming the space.

A raincoat clad figure, hand squeezing a hat to his head umbrella tucked under his arm rocks up and into the cafe. The girl turns and waves to him. Her companion nods at the new man. The girl points to the man’s feet and coat and laughs. He seems to shake himself dry and takes off the raincoat and hat, hanging them on a coat and hat stand next to the table.

He sits down.