Zweihander - world thought day 2

May 18, 2017

Characters are driven by something singular, revenge, the need to free a family member, hate, crippling debt, a twisted sense of fate or justice, but generally revenge.

No fantasy races. At least not in the fantasy way and definitely not for player characters.

Let's roll a character just to see how it goes.

Begin Basic Tier -
So it's 25 + 3D10
20, 26, 11, 12, 9, 18, 19
45, 51, 36, 37, 34, 43, 44
Combat = 45 Combat Bonus [CB] = 4
Brawn = 51 Brawn Bonus [BB] = 5
Agility = 42 Agility Bonus [AB] = 4
Perception = 37 Perception Bonus [PB] = 3
Intelligence = 34 Intelligence Bonus [IB] = 3
Willpower = 43 Willpower Bonus [WB] = 4
Fellowship = 44 Fellowship Bonus [FB] = 4

Mercy gives us one at 42, we'll swap Agility where we have 36

Determine Sex, Male
Race, Human (I should probably make some kind of home city table)
Religion, Catholic
Humans seem to get +1 to CB, IB and PB and -1 to AB, FB and WB
Race Trait
Danger Sense

Archetype - Warrior
Profession - Squire

Thoughts - hateful of nobles he was abused for years by his master, now in the service of a mercenary company in the service of the Catholic League it's hard to know who he hates more, the archbishops, the nobles or the protestants, no matter, his musket and blade shall see to sorting it all out.

Peril Threshold - 3 + [wb] 7
Damage Threshold - BB + Armour Damage Threshold Modifier
Encumbrance Limit - 3+ [BB] 8
Initiative - 3 + [PB] 6
Movement - 3 + [AB]

Step VI - Background
Season of Birth - Winter
Dooming - Revenge is upon you
Age Group - Adult - roll 1 distinguishing mark
Rancid Breath
Normal Build
Height 5'8" 169kg
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Upbringing Militant (Combat favoured primary attribute)
Social Class - Lowborn

Step VII Fate
1 Fate point
Step VII Alignment
Order Alignment - Duty
Chaos Alignment - Fatalism
ORDER: You have taken an oath, whether personal or formal, that guides your actions in all things. No amount of trickery, intimidation or bribery will sway you from your promises. Your dedication to one single ideal or task will follow you to your grave, no matter how soon or distant that may be.

CHAOS: Your dedication to a single ideal has twisted your idea of free will. Fate cannot be influenced by the actions of man. This stark world view can lead to inaction, a dark, gallows humor and a harsh lack of empathy for the suffering of others.

Name : Eckhard Köhler
Now we need to generate a professoin, that can wait till tomorrow.

Squire Profession
Skill Ranks
Simple Ranged
Simple Melee
Martial Melee

Fencer's Panache
Arbalest's Speed

Rank of CB