Zweihander - World Thoughts #1

May 17, 2017

Zweihander is an RPG based on the original warhammer fantasy roleplaying game, I'm looking at using it for a dark fantasy game and am looking to

Table Top Audio for a soundscape

Alternate history - 30 years war like setting?
Major Religion, Orthodox, Catholicism, Reformed, Protestants
Heathens - Islam, Jews

All religions should be extreme versions of their namesakes.

The arcane pushed to the forests and the dark places, spirits, monsters, witches, druids and warlocks are had been pushed back into the darkness by the light of religion but with villages burnt, churches ransacked, armies roaming the land and all manner of horrors things seem to be creeping out of the corners.

Monsters do not exist, or at least monsters are the things that live in the dark places men do not go, the opening theme is that men are the monsters and that their acts are the embodiment of evil in the world. All the chaos is leading to those monsters to leave their dark places.

Monsters are powerful and hideous.

The players.
Players are powerful and shall have are veterans of many battles, they are currently troops in a skirmishing force that is launching an attack on an enemy force.