The Vurr

April 10, 2017

The Vurr are a race of amorphous blob like aliens their evolution is one of those uniquely curious events that could only come about in a universe as vast and infinite as the one in which we find ourselves. They communicate in two main ways, the first is via slight alterations in their physical characteristics including colour, heat output and shape the second apparently developed far later in their evolutionary history and that was a form of psychic language this may have been due to the intervention of the Old Ones. They sense the world around them using a form of radiation mapping allowing them to see in a remarkably broad spectrum and with remarkable clarity.

Their home world possesses a deeply hostile environment as such they are a chlorine based life form, they didn't really develop any technology before being discovered by the Old Ones who apparently kept them as pets for several hundred millennia over this time they evolved the ability to exchange ideas and learn the techniques of the Old Ones and their various subordinate races. They learnt how to make use of tools and form basic appendages, they also benefited from systems that could be operated without having to manipulate tools physically. When the Old Ones left they did rather well the fact that they were spread throughout the galaxy and often in positions where they could easily exploit resources.

The Vurr went on to run a number of pirate and mercenary operations, they weren't really cut out for ruling anything and as machines started to break down, knowledge was lost and wars took their toll many Vurr found themselves settling on their original homeworld again. Whilst they retained a high degree of knowledge they weren't able to put it to much use.

When the humans arrived they assumed the Vurr were just unintelligent animals, Commandant Alex Garder who was given the sector took to capturing them and keeping them in zoos for fun and experimentation. This continued for several decades until an ancient leviathan appeared and bombarded the nearby human colony, then destroyed the fleet sent to stop it, then sieged the facility that the commandant resided in. After several months the Vurr captain, a pirate of some tens of thousands of years informed the Commandant he was very displeased about the treatment of his fellow Vurr via his Allirian second in command.

After the unfortunate incident, humans abandoned the system and the Vurr used the leftover human equipment to reconnect with the newly awakening galaxy. After the first Human empire collapsed the Vurr invaded a number of previous human settlements and returned the favour by keeping many humans in zoos and experimenting on them. It would be over a century before a new human empire would threaten the Vurr and negotiate the return of the former human worlds.

The Vurr continue to hold a small area of space and have access to a number of stashes of old one technology. They have strained relations with most of the races they have dealings with but are also known as honest enough.