Daily Writing - Seed Ship Construction

April 06, 2017

The solar system was full, every world was host to massive settlements, every moon and sizeable rock was filled to the brim with humanity, every orbit had colonies and even in distant space isolated space stations spun slowly orbiting the sun. At the furthest reaches within the Kuiper belt giant mass driver collectors wait next to huge shipyards collecting packets sent from the inner systems. The shipyards are connected to large space stations which are the homes to hundreds of thousands of scientists and labourers work on the construction of massive generation ships, larger then any space installation built to date.

"How is the progress on Eden?" The project manager asked tapping her finger on a virtual data pad.

"On schedule, we should be ready to spin up the reactor in a tomorrow for long term operation. All the tests so far have been green. The latest plans from Omega have worked out according to spec." A younger woman responded one of the construction leads. They floated down a long access tube, hand rails on all sides, calming sun lights illuminating everything as though it were a clear summers day.

Coming up the other way were workers, as they came past the project manager made a note to smile and thank them for their hard work. Ships don't build themselves and acknowledging the staff was always a worthwhile effort, the two of them reached a portal and went through into a large sky-blue room with large plasglass windows looking out into space, at the moment the construction yards were visible.

"How are the staff? Are we maintaining a sensible work throughput? I don't want them getting tired and having accidents."

"Everything is looking good, a few personal issues that are being worked through with the company personnel care team. But overall stress levels are low and satisfaction is up, everyone is looking forward to sparking the reactor tomorrow and seeing the thing come alive."

"I bet. It's been six years to get here, have we got people coming back from the other superstructures to see the big switch on?"

"Yeah, the Utopia and Gaia teams are mostly here and en route, it'll be good to finally see the Eden come alive. Funny to think each one is going to be home to one point two million people."

"And a half-dozen bored AI" she smiled. The generation ships were expected to travel for hundreds of years in deep space, the risks on the journey were high but with AI and some of the greatest minds dedicated to the problems of social entropy working on the problem many people were hopeful of the results. She'd worked on the far probe project which worked on getting ever more details on potentially habitable star systems and then moved onto being a coordinator for the initial laying down of the auto factory projects which went out a decade earlier to begin the task of readying star systems for colonists. In many ways those projects were more complex especially as it was all new. Now the manufacturing processes and science behind building these vast seed ships was rather well known and the AI had been working over time to solve all kinds of obscure problems none of her human team had thought of. She sighed and stared at the vast ship.

"At long last we'll be leaving our nursery into the great unknown"

"Indeed, the future is indeed a bright treasure there for the bold to inherit."