Daily Writing

April 04, 2017

He looked around, through the darkness and gloom his eyes able to see regardless of the light condition but still the far walls were beyond his ability to see. Looking up spires descended from the ceiling and as he looked either side of him there were towering spires of metal. Pipes, gantries, cables and rails interconnected the lightless spires. He looked down at a small terminal in his hand, a collection of green lines and squiggles, he tapped the top of it, then grumbled slipping the device back into his pocket.

"Nothing." Dejectedly he stands up and starts walking again. Clanking and smashing sounds echoed from some distant place, parts of the corridor collapsing again. It was a common sound along with the twisting sounds of the floors settling into new positions. He passed lifeless tower after lifeless tower, spire after spire. Occasionally there were large steel doors that allowed entry to the towers. Strange markings were stencilled beside and above each of these doors, they held only a passing interest to him, he'd seen them hundreds of thousands of times but nobody he'd encountered had been able to enlighten him as to their meaning.

"Siesti, I'm detecting two incoming heat signatures from behind." Said a voice inside his head as a targeting retiscope appeared in his vision. He turned pulling his needlegun out and aiming it squarely at the closest target, squeezing the trigger led to little noise but a stream of nano filament needles with high explosive tips penetrated the floor as the twisted beasts burst out from the tunnelling in the road.

"Servitors." A peculiar mixture of flesh and organs coated with assorted armour plating and dotted with mechanical limbs that looked like tools for construction or repairs. He broke into a run down the path as the organic machines squawked their unintelligible machine language. One stood atop a half dozen spike like mechanical legs, the other had a pair of tracks. He squeezed the trigger of his needle gun again.