Daily Writing - Chip Tears

March 29, 2017

The black rain hadn't stopped for weeks it just kept coming down, he pulled the hood further forward to keep it from splashing on his face mask. Rain wasn't quite the correct word for it, black residue a mixture of chemical slag, ash and a few other chemicals combined with a dash of water, the stuff was so toxic he was worried about whether his cape and hood would hold out. He was with a dozen other people all hooded and caped, thick boots over dark brown environment suits with rucksacks, most of them also had a weapon on their back, some were holding them tight, those that seemed alert to an unknown danger.

The landscape was a ruin, destroyed buildings, the burnt out shells of vehicles slowly dissolving in the acidic soup that fell from the sky. The ground was covered in ruined architecture and slabs of displaced road paving; he scanned it with the optics in his face mask cautious and determined not to make this blasted hell his final resting place.

"Davis, sitrep." He heard his officers voice over the comms talking to the trooper in the front of the column.

"It's wet, humid, and hellish. Other than that it appears there's nothing to see on this little outing." Davis responded over the comms.

"I like nothing to see. Everyone keep your eyes sharp, remember we lost a convoy out here."

"Maybe they stopped for a battery recharge." Starsky chimed in over the comms; he chuckled to himself as the officer chewed Starsky out for his backchat.

He started absentmindedly flipping through audio and visual channels, IR, UV, Thermo, high gain, fm, lw.

"Hey Kid, when was your birthday again?" Choo asked.

He paused a moment and thought slowly on the topic, tomorrow or the day after he thought. "I'm not sure, later this time slice I suppose. A couple of sun ups?"