Outline for Why is Version Control and Central Config Management Vital

March 24, 2017

This is just some outline stuff I'll be dumping into a sway for work.

Why is Version Control & Central Config Management Vital?

The industry has more or less decided that configuration management and version control are the most important things in ensuring service delivery and service uptime. But why?


The Number of Configuration Items

In operations we just have a remarkably large number of unique configurations that need to be tracked, if they aren't every release is a disaster.

How VCS & CCM Help

On the Fly Changes Cause Disasters

Sure you fixed the p1, and the smoke has settled you've had a nice rest and a cold beer but now what, you're onto the next problem, that little fix lost in the annals of time. When the next person comes along to build and deploy it guess what, it was never added to the documentation, so they'll have to embark on some serious archaeology, and that's hoping that the original thing that was fixed still exists.

How VCS & CCM Help

Having to build more of the same

Every time you need to build a machine you need to do a combination of copying files from old servers and services while also updating any files that need server specific information.

How VCS & CCM Help


Let's be honest we find it hard to remember what we did an hour ago let alone a day, week or month ago. Leading to a nightmare when it comes to summarising the events of the past.

How VCS & CCM Help

It's All Gone

A catastrophic failure can result in loss of a system meaning you'll have to rebuild it from shreds of documents and "the backups", good luck.

The Confusion

Sometimes I suppose there's an element of misunderstanding why people need these things but I hope I laid them out well enough here.

Now there is an issue with aligning our production and non-production estates however this shall be resolved going forward, and with some clever thought, many of the issues can be resolved even with a managed service provider getting in the way.