Daily Writing - In the Ivory Guard

March 14, 2017

I'd been a captain in the Ivory Guard a few years earlier, a somewhat loyal member of one of the most elite forces in Irongard, sadly I'd also had a fancy for the daughter of a lord of the realm and one drunken night of passion and I'd found myself on the run hunted by scouting parties I'd helped train, fuckers. I'd caught young Tomlin and Conner tracking me in the Dark Wood popped Tomlin's eye out of its socket with a hammer and left Conner face down in a bog, should have learnt better. I'd had surprisingly little trouble at the time, it wasn't until I was out of the Kingdom of Severn and into the Kingdom of Sounds that I had time to think about it all. Then I drank it away and spent the night with a whore. I still had to keep my wits about me as even once the Ivory Guard stopped following me there were still agents, bounty hunters and common criminals out for the reward on my head.

I'd had to pin the Hobgoblin and his Dwarf in an inverted cross in hanging from the church in Willingdo the persistent buggers surprised me whilst I was relieving myself and I felt it only right to leave a fitting message to all the other scoundrels out there. It took about six months to reach Korigkruft there I fell in with a small band of mercenaries I got command of a small group