Daily Writing - Star Ranger

March 13, 2017

The ship hurtled through the void connecting the two jump nodes her crew hurried about the business of preparing the ship for reentering real space. Most likely to great conflict.

"I want sensors up and ready to go within thirty seconds of hitting normal space."

"Aye, sir. All sensor crews ready."

"Do you expect them to be waiting for our exit?" The XO asked.

"I would be. Make sure we've got all our weapons up and ready; I want to drop an ECM pod the minute we fire up the reactor engines."

"Aye, sir. Weapons and EW ready."

The ship hummed with efficiency, as the captain spoke orders were passed on quietly and precisely into the communication devices all the bridge crew wore to the back rooms filled with operators and specialists.

"When we exit, turn to 90 degrees then I want engines to flank."

"Time till we exit the void?"

"One minute thirteen sir."

"Start running display."

"Aye, sir." The screen at the front of the bridge now had a red four digit countdown running.

As it hit one-minute "combat running lights, all hands ready for combat."

"Aye, sir, combat lighting, all hands ready for combat."

The tension on the bridge raised, minor orders went back and forth between the bridge crew and their back rooms, but nothing was escalated to the Captain.

As the clock reached 00:00 "May the void take us and may the void dispose of us. May we return to the light." The Captain muttered as a bright flash, and loud noise signified the terrific energy discharge of returning to normal space.

The sound of manoeuvring engines and the shudder of the ship as it shifted then the rumbling of the engines.

A green readout appeared next to the red and was counting up. Whispering in the background of the bridge, the Captain looked ahead. Serene amongst the understated frantic action.

"Sensors are up, performing an initial battle survey." The Captain noted the time, 00:22 good.

"Two contacts, renegade assault ships, on an intercept course." A few moment passed "Vagrant class; they're lighting us up with targeting lasers."

"Looks like the pod didn't buy us much time." The XO noted.

"Enough. Time until our weapons are back online?"

"Within thirty seconds Captain." The weapons officer responded.

"I want targeting lasers on the lead as soon as they're available and get the flak online. It's going to get bumpy."

"Four incoming missiles. High-speed lancer type."

The captain pulled out an old stopwatch. "Time to impact?"

"52 seconds, Sir." The captain pressed start as soon as the first syllable came out of the sensor officers mouth.

"Real bumpy."

"Targets painted sir." Weapons.

"Deploying chaff," the countermeasure officer announced.

"Coil guns charging flak online." Weapons.

"Countermeasures, do we think those rebels know we have cannons?"

The officer said something into the comms and waited. "Negative. They probably think we're still charging."

"Well then give them a taste of depleted uranium."

"Aye, two shells DU, into the lead." A low thudding sound as the two turreted coil guns fired.