Daily Writing - Character - Kaila Johnston

March 09, 2017 // Tagged in: sci-fi, daily writing, character, stumped

Sometimes when I can't think of anything to write I'll just do something like this.

Kaila Johnston

Born: Europa Colony, 2371AD January 3rd
Status: Employee of Indian Innovation Transportation LTD
Contract Length: 32 years remaining until maturity of company options
Occupation: Ice Miner & 1st technician
Assignment: Asteroid Rig X17 "Ice Fairy"
Ethnicity: Eurocaucasion, off-world born.
Age: 22

Physical Description:

Brown hair, pale skin as expected from outer worlder, 6'2" tall, slender build, no known defects or alterations.

Basic History:

Raised in a communal creche on Europa 3 she showed no particular exceptional aptitudes, progressing through the IIT's standard curriculum with relative ease moving on into the technical academy and graduating with acceptable results. Physically capable and technically minded Kaila was assigned to the Ice Fairy for long term operations.

Personnel Notes:

As with many people from beyond the belts, Kaila shows has an independent spirit and with her crew mates has been involved in more than one infraction of standard corporate policy resulting in a penalty to the maturation of holdings. Nothing serious, though.

She has a good common sense and reasonable leadership skills, a good addition to any crew.


Kaila appears to have no major political or corporate affiliations, sympathy is shown for belters and outer world colonists.

She is friends with most members of her crew and has an amicable relationship with the captain Isabella Rickenheimer and a rocky relationship with our corporate representative on board the Fairy.