Daily Writing - Character Exercise

March 08, 2017
  1. Describe a character who is loved by everyone (if you’ve seen the cult classic show Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer is a good example). Describe the character and what is so lovely about her in 500 words or less, but end with a secret or flaw that not everyone sees.

Uli was sharp, decisive and elegant, remarkable intellect shining through gold flecked emerald eyes her laugh lit up the room as she'd shyly cover her mouth. Anyone in her presence was captivated by her in one way or another, she cared for the sick, the dying and the infirmed, her words were like living poetry and her voice was a warming sing-song when mellow and an inspirational roaring thunder when riled. Her temper always seemed mild and reactions genuine, many could be mistaken for thinking she was some kind of angel sent to save them. At the camp she was a personification of good spirits, her long dark hair cascaded down her back, and it swayed as she walked.

It seemed as though she had all the answers, she could tell stories that would amuse and educate young and old alike, she could sing and play music. Her clothes seemed both modest and extravagant. She had no fear and would go places no other soul dared to return lost things. Her skin so pale you could mistake it for porcelain. In a world of chaos and fear, she was a light that could hold the people together. She was an energetic problem solver and always involved in the littlest of things, her boundless curiosity frequently finding her running from here to there with the children or the young warriors.

Sadly, little did they know, she was one of "them" and had no real concept of human emotions, consciousness or value and one day she would tire of them.