Daily Writing - Awake in the Dark

March 01, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing

The squawking of a dot matrix printer in the background were the first things I remember as I opened my eyes, there was a person either side of me each holding a weird cone like gun thing which I later discovered was a kind of swiss army knife of living in dark clammy holes.

"What's this?" One of my fellow captives tooted.

"No idea." The other twittered.

"What are we doing here?" I singsonged.

"No idea." Twittering twittered.

"Who are you two?" I asked in my odd high pitched tone.



"I think we should start digging." They all agreed and we started hollowing out the cavern we were in as if compelled by some outside force to form large open caverns. There were a number of settings on the cannon thing, one was to suck things up, another to dig things, another to make things. I found myself putting tiles on the floor while Lampshade built a hamster wheel large enough for a person and connected it to a battery.

"What's that?" I asked.

"No idea, I think it's to power an oxygen generator thing..."

"Is that why I've collected all this green algae stuff?" Marvins tooted as he stood panting.

"Guess I should lay down some wire." I'd already started wiring.

Our first evening in the hot dark hole was unpleasant as we all had to sleep on the floor, for some reason we didn't prioritise making our beds. Which is odd. The stupid oxygen machine was pumping out too much heat. Honestly, it's not right having to exist in a cavern in the dark.