Daily Writing - POV Exercise 1 p1

February 20, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing, flash writing

I picked this set of exercises from here http://www.nownovel.com/blog/50-creative-writing-prompts/ the first exercise is as follows.

  1. A character is moving to another city. She visits her favourite public place and sees something that makes her want to stay. Describe this in 500 words, using third person POV (he/she). Then rewrite it in the first person, using ā€˜Iā€™. PS to this point I've used 65 words.

She'd headed to the central park for one last time, she was moving the next day and wanted to take in all the sights that she'd be leaving behind. She'd already walked by her old school, the college where she'd gained her confidence, the run-down supermarket she'd worked tills at for a few months. Through the empty market place and past the clock tower, she wandered down the cobbled path lined by large bushes. There was birdsong in all around and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves, she stretched her hands out in front and basked in it. The sky was going a reddish colour as she got into the park proper and wondered along the sports fields, boys playing football shouted at one another piles of bags and jumpers made up the goals. She watched a moment, brushed her hand through her hair and carried on towards the gardens.

She reached a bench sat opposite a quiet pond the burbling of a water feature just past a little ornate wooden bridge mixed with the gentle tingling sound of a wind chime. She leant forward a bit to see the red carp circling in the crystal clear water, a collection of green lily pads, pink, lilac and blue lotus flowers were carefully scattered about seemingly at random. As the sun began to set the shadows moved across the small garden, the clockwork knocking sound made from the bambo water feature echoed as if to form part of a natural musical background. She stretched her legs out in front of her, yawned and leant back to look up at the sky. High above she saw a shooting star streak through the sky, she ran her fingers through her hair again as another flashed by, then another.

She sat in silence then let out a sigh, rubbed her eyes with scrunched up fists and stood up. She walked over the little bridge and looked into the water feature a little spotlight illuminating the assorted coins at the bottom of the water, the cobbled base of the pond invisible. She knelt down and strummed her fingers on her knees and looked to be thinking about something, she stood up and walked to the pagoda, the traditional oriental design of the park stood in stark contrast to the rest of the city. A mechanised metropolis of steel and concrete. She pulled out her phone and looked at the surface, pressing the button on the side, almost nine at night, she'd be on her way soon enough, she wondered the perimeter of the park occasionally stopping to take in collections of flowers or a set of wind chimes, her fingers wondered and studied objects eyes recording every detail.

She had felt a buzzing in her pocket and pulled out her phone there was a message.
"Where are you?" She flicked her finger across the screen and typed back.
"Just thinking I couldn't leave." A moment passed.
"Don't be silly, you've planned this all your life."

Erck that was a pain.