Daily Writing - God Among the Stars

February 15, 2017

I could not hold it in any longer, as I stood there looking at his holiness, the embodiment of the lord himself in the physical cosmos all I could see was a villain. A simple man, a tyrant who had no right to be where he was, a traitor to the Lord and the Faith, but what could I a simple monk do? I asked myself again and again and again "what could I do?"

I watched him stood before the holo projectors pronouncing his faith that things shall be all right, that the wicked shall be punished, that the evil tide that presses against our race shall be pushed back and vanquished, but how, how God can this be true with this base criminal as your voice. A man who sells forgiveness to furnish his lavish floating palaces, who takes all that is good and right in men and turn it to sin. How Lord?

I could feel the burning rage inside growing with each word out of his lying mouth, I started to push forward through the crowd of brothers, sisters and, priests, the holy behind me muttered to each other in secret tongues, no doubt the laypeople watching from the colonies would be in awe. But they don't know the truth about this tyrant in red. They hadn't seen the things that happen in the palaces, and by God, I had only seen the mere tip of the perversity and depravity that ran rampant.

I was at the almost at the front with one last thrust I pushed to beyond.

"You! You have no right to wear that crown!" I yelled, not the yell of a madman but the yell of authority, confidence in my faith. Everything went silent. "I have seen the sin you have committed, I have recorded the misdeeds of your coronation! I have found the lies you had covered! The murders and the romances. I am quite sure that I have but the merest puddle of the ocean of sin on which you, you your holiness sail." Another moment passed as the Pope of the Holy Empire of Space starred at me. A look as if he were trapped.

I raised my hand "This, this is but a sample of what I have found and it is now available on the galactic datanets, records of your heinous misdemeanours!"

"Who is this man, this raving lunatic! Take him to the cells!" The Pope shrieked in fury.

"I shall not leave until you have confessed for your sins!" They would have to drag me. Guards ran towards me, tackling me as I continued to demand repentants from the man who claims to rule over the soul of our fine empire.

Until I had been to the cells I had believed my faith would see me through anything but what I had heard could never prepare me for the horror that was to befall me, I am led to believe though that his holiness was deposed, sadly I remained in his care. What little of me remains is sustained in perpetual humiliating agony as a reminder to what happens to those who oppose Emperor Innocent the XXII.