Daily Writing - The Slab of Meat

February 13, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing, flash writing

He stood before them, towering like a beast the man's muscles rippled over his herculean-like structure. If marble existed large to capture such a monstrous brute surely only a deity could capture that awe-inspiring visage. A whole phalanx of imperial guard stood opposite this man. The front three ranks had their spears pointing forwards each rank at a slightly higher angle than the previous one, further back the spears stood upwards. The guards wore matching leather armour with bronze breastplate, aa plume of purple feathers from their glistening helmets. To the right of the column, there was a man on horseback a sword on hanging from his belt slightly more feathers sprung from his plume and a white cloak with golden trimming.

The brutish man stared at them. Slowly eyeing each one in the front ranks. Each one flinched slightly almost unnoticeable beneath his stare.

"What is your purpose here brute?" The man on the horse shouted haughtily.

The brute slowly looked back over each guard, he was clad in tattered black clothes with a giant slab of metal on his back, a clever, vastly larger than any weapon a normal man should wield.

"Don't you understand the common tongue barbarian?" The agitated man on the white horse shouted again, his tone an octave higher.

A hundred men shivered despite the blistering heat of the burning sun.

"Shall we beat it out of you? I'm sure we have a brute or two that could grunt in your own tongue brute."

The monstrous mountain turned, at last, to look at the man on the horse, stared at him as though he could see the worth of the man.

"I am here to kill a man."

The guard all let out a collective gasp at the audacity. The horse took several steps back as if reeling from the intensity of the man before it.

"How, how dare you!"

"I am looking for the Jester. Where is he?" The barbarian asked as though he were an officer of the peace consulting a vagrant on the street. His eyes seemed to watch every one of them at once.

"I, I shall not have the likes of you, the likes of you talk to an officer of the royal guard in such a manner! Surrender yourself to the guard at once!"

"Where is he?" Despite the man not raising his voice, it felt as though a lion roaring in the desert plains.

"Guard, take this man!" The guard seemed to hesitate a moment then began to move forward step by step as if approaching a wild beast.

The man slowly unsheathed his clever it was likely as large as any single guard possibly weighing much the same including their armour.

"What gods do you pray to? As I shall say a prayer for you tonight." No response came but the feeble roars of guards who had never faced anymore than a mob of robbers closed on him. As they closed he swung a half-dozen of the first rank went flying through the air some ten feet, their bodies shattered by a single mighty blow the first couple had been cleaved in two.