Daily Writing - Man Bun

February 12, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing, flash writing

It was a whim he didn't intend to do it, he just wanted to see how it would feel. So after watching a few videos, he did it, he put his hair up into a man bun. Looked in the mirror and thought that he didn't look too bad, pretty cool, a bit like that guy that set up that thing that time. A moment or two passed by.


A voice, that's weird he'd thought. He looked around and nothing could be seen other than his routine old room. He looked back at the mirror.

"Hey, it's rude to ignore people you know! What are you some kind of white nationalist." The voice sounded really nearby, and well he concluded he couldn't have imagined it.

Wondering around looking for the source of the voice he assumed it was likely some prank.

"Hey, you one of those male rights activist you nazi?"

"No, no! Who is that?" The man asked routeing around.

"Who is it? It's me, up here!"

Up here, up where? He looked up but could only see his ceiling and a lamp.

"Look, I don't need any of this messing around, I'm busy."

"Of course you are, always busy, too busy to help anyone, so here you are trying to get all educated and invest in your future, why aren't you out at some sort of protest making the world a better place!"

He couldn't find anything and it always sounded like it was coming from right behind him, like on top of his head or something.

"Well. I'm not all that interested. If I don't pass my degree I won't be able to become a chartered accountant."

"Oh is that all that's important to you, here I am trying to protect the free world and you're planning for the future."

He stood in the middle of the room rather perturbed. Then prodded the man bun.

"Hey who do you think you're prodding, what are you the filth?"

He stood there dumbfounded. He started prodding trying to understand the weirdness that was occurring.

"Hey stop it, assault, assault I tell you! You can't do this I've got rights! You've got no rights man handling me this way!"

He looked at the mirror.

"Is my hair talking to me?" He said as calmly as possible.

"I'd like to inform you I identify as an Omni functional being."

He carefully moved his hands to the table. "Really? That's... nice." He glanced across the table.

"I like to think so. Now! What are you going to do about your suppressed racism?"

"Yes... what... I am having a conversation with my hair."

Then it occurred to him, he reached back and started to undo the hair tie.

"Hey, what are you doing"

"Just be nice and calm" he continued to untie the hair.

"You're a murderer, what are you doing! Fascist! Nazi! Murderer!"

Then silence. He stared at the mirror again, then looked at the time on the screen of his computer, then rubbed his eyes.

"I'm going to bed."