Daily Writing - Automata

February 12, 2017 // Tagged in: daily writing

When I looked out over the vast crumbling cityscape I could only imagine how magnificent it had once looked as even then in its decaying state it was enchanting. White towers spiralled to the stars, vast intricately woven glass steel and super concretes created halls, Colosseums, and mausoleums to their maker's infinite greatness. The functions of the many vast spaces long since forgotten much like their creators who had left oh so very long ago. I was stood in a tower some two thousand meters in the sky, hand resting on a column of ivory steel I took a moment to ponder the structure of the material, the many swirling circles of my visual display could see the nanofiber loops and coils of carbon atoms that gave the material its amazing strength. I glanced at my fingers, then through them, the intricate actuators and fibrous nano musculature that gave me my remarkable dexterity, agility, and strength. The complex carbon nano-materials that made up the bones slender bones were similar to the material in the building only more refined. I looked back over the cityscape and felt the wind fluttering my hair, closed my eyes and listened to the world. Even from several thousand meters, I could hear the sounds of life below, the sounds of nature that had weaved its way through the city.

I turned around tilting my head to one side as the other arrived. I had heard him long before, even with his rapid clip-clopping scuttle it had taken several hours to ascend the staircase with its many long absences of actual stairs. He had six spindly legs each with a versatile appendage which housed a multitude of unique gripping and climbing implements, nanotechnologies allowed for such things. He had two front scythe-like limbs and his torso was covered in a black carapace, his head looked normal, eyes, ears, hair and a mouth all existed within the normal oval structure sat atop of a hideous elongated neck with a what looked like a spinal column formed of metallic joints. A cloak of sorts made of animal furs was almost tied around him I didn't like him. My eyes could see beneath the super dense plating, his structure was shoddy some kind of service build. He stared at me a moment, likely enjoying the sights or perhaps not perhaps in awe, perhaps he thought he could take me for parts and sell my dress to some vagabond. Ever alert.

"I found something." He scuttled forward. I watched every move. "About them." His head jutted towards the view, a repulsive grin crossed his face. It was too fat.

"I'd hope so. Let us hope it was worth our effort." I'd selected the venue for our meeting, I liked high places. His face became serious.

"Yes, yes. Someone found a site, a large nano-steel door, a strange unknown lock, it was one of theirs. It has likely survived intact. It likely holds many secrets."

"Who found it?" I didn't feign disinterest, it would be a waste, I wanted to know, I wanted to dig deeper into the secrets and this piece of servitor refuse knew it. As little as I liked him, I knew full well he wasn't stupid. He grinned again.

"My price will be fair." A set of numbers appeared.

"Who found it?" Then vanished as I accepted the deal.

"Warlord Deimos, this data chip has all the information I located." A small claw-like implement jutted out of his torso holding a chip.

"Until next time." I took it and turned. Dress fluttering in the breeze.

"Indeed Hime." He slithered.

I stepped out into the air and plummeted towards the earth.