Arma 3 Mission Creation, notes

February 11, 2017 // Tagged in: arma 3, scripting

Something of a notepad for my adventures in Arma mission creation.

The general idea for the mission is a tank needs to get back to its base.

I'll be using the Takistan map

An important note, the independent code is not GUER it is in fact Resistance.

Only Engineers can repair tanks but they can only repair them when in the red and to a maximum of 50%.

Launch spawn script

In order not to cover the map in a million enemies a number of locations shall use this auto spawn script I found courtesy of the internet.

Script found here and a youtube about it here

nul = execVM "yourscripthere.sqf"

Repairing Tanks

So this is easy,
1) Normal people can not repair tanks.
2) Engineers can repair tanks but only to 50%
3) There are repair trucks, these repair tanks in range.
4) There are ammo tanks that reload tanks in range.

Only Trigger for Players?

Apparently Triggers when humans in area.
{isplayer _x && local _x} count list thistrigger > 0

Only Trigger for players on the ground?

Excellent, this works and means that the trigger will not be triggered by an aircraft over head.
{(getPosATL _x select 2 < 1.5) && isplayer _x && local _x} count list thistrigger > 0;

Murdering Crew?

Pretty shoddy but this appears to be the way it's suppoed to be done.
({alive _x} count crew convoymember1 == 0) && ({alive _x} count crew convoymember2 == 0) && ({alive _x} count crew convoymember3 == 0)

Triggering on time

This seems to trigger x seconds after start
time > x

It always ends the same

General thoughts

One needs to put in a fair bit of thinking as to when to auto generate units and when to place them so I've done a little from column a and a little from column b. Well maybe a lot of column a. As time goes by and I do more testing of the map I think we'll end up with a pretty good mission.